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I have been playing Sims since 2000 and I have scoured the internet for the best sims games and series of games. I found a lot of new games that are better than the sims games such as: The Sims 4, Sims 4 Pets, Sims 4 City Living and Sims 4 Seasons. I will tell you the best game to play.

While it is a fact that the vast majority of men tend to have better looking and nicer looking toes than women do, there are exceptions. How can we explain this phenomenon? Well, the answer is really quite simple. Ladies and gentlemen, today I will be talking about best toenail polish for the Sims 4.

Everyone loves a good pedicure.

And the best part? Freshly painted toenails with a super fun color.

Spa Day pack owners know that pampered Sims can get foot massages, but not pedicures or nail polish.

As always, CC comes to the rescue! We’ve found some great CC nail polishes, with so many to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect shade for your sim.

There’s a mix of Maxis match nail polishes and special sieve polishes that are suitable for all types of play.

fashionable nail polish

Check out this AC.

A no-frills Polish.

In case you hadn’t noticed, Sims’ legs are pretty low poly. Their toes are not clearly shaped, which can be a hindrance for some fanatics.

If that doesn’t matter to you, we think these polishes from Twikkii are a great choice. You give your sims painted toenails that perfectly match the texture of vanilla.

The 23 colors in this set offer a wide variety of possibilities.

But you need a grid first, so get it here before you load.

KB_Simmer’s Toenail Polish

Check out this AC.

Here is another set of KB_Simmer base layers. This nail polish set is available in 9 bright colors such as red, yellow, green and white.

They are also suitable for slippers and open shoes. Finally your Sim can show off his pedicure!

You can find them in the CAS tattoo section.

Restorative Nail Polish

Check out this AC.

Basic game and Maxis Match. Two words MM swimmers love to hear.

And we’re just as excited to share this Sims4Sue set.

This repaint of 15 Verenka lacquer designs (included in the download) contains 13 solid colors and 2 French manicure designs.

It works with all EA shoes and some CC shoes, except DallasGirl creations. For shoes, we recommend the nail polish shoe set.

They are also eco-friendly and bring a little freshness to your Sims’ shoe wardrobe.

Nail polish set #3

Check out this AC.

If the previous two series failed to provide you with nail polish suitable for maxis, this one will definitely help.

After all, this Sims4Nexus game has 24 unique colors.

If you have seasons, that means that almost every day of the year sim has a color. It’s rare to find CCs that can be used by both children and seniors, but this one is.

You can use this set as is.

If you like mesh that makes your legs look more realistic, you can also try this mod to layer some legs.

And the paint is still compatible with the overlay!

multicoloured nails 4 all

Check out this AC.

Is that still not enough?

How about 35 color options?

This is our latest offering of EA compatible paints, so don’t miss out! These colorful lacquers from LostNLonelyGrl86 look great on all skin tones.

There are even unique models where each finger has a different color.

And the 4 All in the name is more than just the name, because even toddlers and older children can get beautiful toenails with this remedy.

You can outfit them like socks, and it disables random generation so the whole town isn’t running around with pedicures.

Nail Polish DallasGirl

Check out this AC.

We’re now going a little beyond EA compatibility (but only a little!).

DallasGirl’s nail polish can be seen on HQ’s legs – and honestly, it looks fantastic. This set of 40 designs can be worn by all genders and ages, from children to seniors.

The designer has made the varnish compatible with three types of feet:

Yours, another from the creator of Magic-Bot, and EA’s legs.

Decide for yourself which version is best for you. And we’re really grateful to have this opportunity.

You can find them in the category tattoos and socks.

RedHeadedSims toenails

Check out this AC.

RedHeadedSims helps all Sims, regardless of their play style.

This foot nail polish set has 25 unique colors to choose from and is suitable for many different feet:

Magic-Bot, Necrodog, and UntraditionalNerd.

This makes it compatible with HQ, but it is also compatible with the base game if you prefer to use it with EA legs.

Try them out by going to the CAS socks category.

Nail and foot polish for women VIP

Check out this AC.

Our next two entries are for those ready to leave EA’s blocky paws behind.

One is the HQ leg and nail polish set from Mermeladesimtr. It’s simple: They make your Sim’s toes look like toes.

Each figure is defined with good quality shading and visible nails. There is also a set of 10 nail polish swatches that can be added as accessories.

Depending on the version you choose, you will need a CAS slider from RedHeadSims.

Nail polish and foot ring HD

Check out this AC.

HD feet, nail polish and toe rings?

We’re going crazy right now.

Just make sure to load HD Feet before taking the polish and rings.

Let’s move on to the main products:

The lacquer is available in six colours: green, red, purple, black, blue and white.

Toe rings come in dark grey, white and gold and are worn on the second and fourth toe of the ledge.

And the best part of this set?

It can be worn by all genders, as well as teenagers and older people in the category of socks at CAS.

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