Call of the Tempestarii: Hotfix 30.0.7

The Call of the Storm: Patch 30.0.7


  • Added an option for players to start the Jackal/Razor boss fight after 30 seconds if other players can’t reach them.
  • The epitaph design can now be replaced.
  • Added updated animations for wrist weapons (e.g. Gammacor, Epitaph, Atomos, etc.).
  • Also corrects weird wrist angle animations.
  • The hydroid statue in Larunda Relay now responds to rank 30 Mastery blessings. For those who don’t know when the blessing is in the right season, the statue changes to reflect your current Warframe!

Change of Sevagot:

  • Sevagoth’s dark energy no longer costs 1.5 per enemy as the radius increases, and the drain is limited to a maximum of 10 enemies.
  • As mentioned in previous patches, it was planned for patch 30.0.6, but just missed the build!

Railjack changes and repairs:

  • The forward artillery switch mechanism received the aforementioned functional support! By pressing (F) at Change Weapon, you can now use the turret weapons while sitting on the front seat of the artillery! This feature has been given a user interface passport and associated sounds.
  • Fixed a crash where a client was participating in a Railjack mission while the current players were aboard the capital ship Corpus.
  • Crash fixed when empty absorbers were activated too early.
  • Clients getting stuck on the loading screen when the host migrates while other players are in Archwing, Necramech, and Operator modes.
  • Fix Customers participating in an empty storm should have chosen Relica lita instead of Relica Neo for the empty storm Neptune.
  • The weapon appearance team skin selection is no longer saved.
  • Fixed a script error when using a call crew member.


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when suddenly ending a mission with Dead Necros Shadows active.
  • Only move 50% of the specified distance when the hydro wave is active with the fire runner (through the helminth underlayment and in place of the underlayment).
  • Hydroid’s fixed tentacle swarm timer disappears when the tentacle swarm is launched and handed over to the operator.
  • Lavo’s fixed armbands block vision when aiming with wrist-held weapons (especially epitaphs).
  • Fixed certain instances where the Blessing of the Relay user interface was not displaying for some players.
  • Fixed transfer error in the Archimedes’ Wing quest when the last step of the quest was completed too quickly.
  • Fixed incorrect instructions and prompts during the Archimedes’ Wing quest.
  • Fixed the prompt when searching for the arc swing without replacing the mouse/keyboard with a controller.
  • Kuva Leach chest armor misaligned on Atlas Prime and Atlas Karst.
  • The vertical shift of the hamster character string has been corrected.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur if you killed Battalyst in the middle of a disco.
  • Fixed a harmless scripting error that could occur when killing Mitocide.
  • Fixed an innocent scripting error when eliminating a border deserter in the Lotus Defense poison alert.
  • Fixed a script bug that could destroy your HUD.
  • Fixed a harmless scripting bug that could occur during some Eidolon bounties when something was in serious danger of dying.
  • Fixed an innocent scripting bug that could occur when exiting Cambion Drift and returning to Necralisk when Vome or Fass appeared.

Source: Original link

  • The Call of the Storm: Patch 30.0.6

Source: Call of the Storm: Hotfix 30.0.6 Changes : Making a request for a control module for gallium in the blueprint for Rhino systems has been replaced to facilitate early acquisition by players. Some of the custom animations of the Mirage Oneiro not using weapons have been refined. The None option has been added to the backgrounds in Dojo, so you can revert to the default settings. Changes and corrections in Sevagot:.

  • Maximum time to implement update 30 : The call of the storm

Update 30: Call of the Tempestarii is now available on all* platforms! As usual with narrative quests, we now require new narrative spoilers to be marked as such from today (April 13, 2021) until two weeks after launch (April 27, 2021). Entries that do not meet these guidelines will be deleted. * Okay, well… *

Make a call to Tempest: Hotfix 30.0.7 for Warframe.

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