Dead Mage Launches Children of Morta Free Family Trials Update

Dead Mage and publisher 11 Bit Studios have just released the Children of Morta free family trial update, which is the largest update for the game to date. The update is available now on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The update was announced along with the Family Trials trailer, which gave us a glimpse of the combat-oriented gameplay in this fast-paced game. Check the underside of the trailer:

Make your way through dangerous dungeons full of objectives and build the ultimate character to defeat Corruption once again.

The core of the Family Trials mode is Zyklus, a unique and abnormal dungeon located somewhere in the world of Rea. Destroyed by global corruption, the cycle is now filled with deadly dangers that await you as you enter the dungeon. Due to the rapidly changing rules and environment, players face many challenges.

On the other hand, the family challenge mode is separated from the main game type with the story. This new mode includes systems, items, character creation options, and more. All of this takes place in a series of completely random dungeons. It also comes with a new mechanic that is a challenge in itself: if you die, you lose all your progress and have to start over. But you shouldn’t worry about it, because it’s better to learn from your mistakes and try again.

Family test mode :

  • Objectives – Complete the main objectives and additional secondary objectives to move to the next level. Objectives range from defending the Rea Laborers against waves of enemies to arena battles to surviving a barrage of corrupt enemies and much more!
  • Additional difficulty levels – unlock two additional difficulty levels: Hard and crazy. The higher the difficulty, the more levels you have to pass!
  • Character Construction – Experiment with character design and learn from your mistakes to get the best results in successive dungeon runs.
  • Each level is a new adventure – the levels are completely random each time you enter the dungeons.
  • It’s the whole family – all members of the Bergson family and their active abilities are available from the start.

New systems, materials and functions:

  • The skill tree is replaced with a new talent system: each time a character levels up, they choose a new talent.
  • Runes no longer fall into dungeons, they are now part of the talent system.
  • Divine relics and divine graces have two additional levels of power. You can upgrade them in a special shop or find them in dungeons.
  • Upgrades for items range from simple static increases to additional special features unlocked for each item.
  • 40 talents per character – stack upgrades and modifications to your skills and passives to dominate your opponents.
  • Play exploits with special rewards to help you survive the family challenge. Complete them to start your run with an HP bonus, instant level up, extra gems or even free items.
  • Gems are the main currency in Family Trials mode. Use them in the new shop to get rewards, upgrade your equipment and buy new shards.

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