E3 2021 Preview – Alliance of the Sacred Suns

As the publisher of the largest gaming blog in the world, we are obsessed with the E3 show. This year we wanted to focus on a couple of things, one of which is the Alliance of the Sacred Suns, a new game from the developers of the award winning MMO, Aion, and the action RPG, Black Desert Online.

was there any doubt that the Alliance of the Sacred Suns would show up at E3, or even launch a game before it? A few months back, the DLC was announced for Witcher 3, and like that, the LP for Alliance of the Sacred Suns was up. Of course, by this point, the Alliance of the Sacred Suns has already shown up in two expansions for The Witcher 3 (Blood and Wine and Hearts of Stone), so why not make sure we’re fully prepared for that to happen again?

E3 is just around the corner, and the Sacred Suns have just submitted their final playable build of their upcoming mystical action game, Alliance of the Sacred Suns. The game will be featured in the PC Gaming Show, and will be available for play at the show. The Sacred Suns took some time out of their busy schedule to answer a few of our questions, which we’ll share here.

Of the three games Hooded Horse presented at E3 2021, KatHawk Studios’ Alliance of the Sacred Suns was undoubtedly the most ambitious and promising. It’s a mix of the grand strategy you’d expect from a game like Crusader Kings, the space environment, 4X, and the factional political intrigue found in RPGs and, to a lesser extent, Game of Thrones. A half-hour meeting with the development team barely hinted at what the game has to offer, but that’s just as well. I’ll try to explain as much as I can of what I’ve seen, but the game will offer much more in the beginning. At least it’s something to look forward to. In the Alliance of Holy Suns, you can control your own Palpatine. They lead an emperor who represents a feudal noble family. Your goal is to expand your empire according to your own plans, while trying not to get killed by rival factions or a civil uprising. You must constantly make decisions that often lead to unpopular choices, while trying to increase your resources and domains to repel the impending alien attack. Think of these aliens as the White Walkers and all the other factions as a group of houses in Westeros that need to unite to fight a common enemy, but can’t do so until they’ve carried out their plans. Alliance of the Sacred Suns is full of menus and resources to keep track of, but none of them seem superfluous. There is a logic behind every mechanism. The first thing I noticed in this presentation was the main character herself. You can fully customize your character by adding stats and a noble house name, but what impressed me the most were some of the circumstances that can lead to death. If you z. B. commit many morally questionable acts, which may result in the death of your citizens and affect the mental health of your emperor, which may lead to an untimely death. Or you can increase your overall mental health stats to make your character more immune to such actions if you want to become a cold brute. I loved how complicated it was, but it still made sense. For example, they have a popularity and fear indicator. If you don’t want to stage a coup, you have to have one or the other at a pretty high level, but one is harder to achieve than the other. To be feared, you must surely make decisions that make you look strong in the eyes of the people, such as behaving like a military tyrant. To become popular, one must invest in social programs that can increase prosperity, but this requires many resources that may not be abundant. Also, in order to get these resources, you may have to make an alliance with people you don’t like or who are friends with people you don’t like. Interacting with viceroys or rulers of other planets is tricky, depending on how powerful they are compared to you. The game gives a lot of information about all their stats and how best to approach them. If you are authoritative, but address them in a friendly manner, they will respond positively, which will lower their overall resentment score and bring them closer to your circle of trust. If you’re not a diplomat, you can achieve your goals with brute force, but at the cost of making new enemies. Remember that everyone has a close circle of allies and every action you take also affects their perception of you. word-image-1650 You may do something that another politician likes, but that politician may be friends with someone who is negatively affected by it. This is only a small part of what the Alliance of Holy Suns has to offer. You can colonize new planets to create new trade routes for your empire, and invest in different resources and industries for each of your colonies. You can also create logistical routes between galaxies. Not to mention that you can wage war against rival factions in true 4X style. I look forward to the full release of Alliance of the Sacred Suns to see what the game has to offer. The preview was overwhelming, but in a very good way. It’s the kind of 4X/grind strategy game you’ll spend many hours on, but with a brilliant and neat space setting. If the developers at KatHawk Studios execute everything they announced during this session, we have a strong contender for the throne of Crusader Kings. Alliance of the Sacred Suns should release in the fourth quarter. The game will be released in the fourth quarter of 2021, for PC only.


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For two decades, the Alliance of the Sacred Suns has been a fan favorite in the world of games. Starting with the N64 and continuing through the PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, the AotSS has stood the test of time. With the mainline games finally coming to PC, Xbox, and PlayStation in 2021, will the AotSS be able to claim victory, or will the powers of the Abzu… (no, seriously)…emerge victorious?. Read more about terra invicta and let us know what you think.

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