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Inazuma Eleven is a popular video game franchise that has been around since 2009. The games are played by two teams, each with eleven players. Players must use their team’s special abilities to score goals and win the match.

Genshin Impact 2.0 adds a ton of additional material to the game, including several Inazuma-only secret in-game accomplishments. Because they are concealed, many players are unaware of their existence, thus finding out all of the criteria on your own may be difficult. We’ll show you how to obtain a handful of the Genshin Impact secret accomplishments in Inazuma in this guide, which includes walkthroughs for each one.

Completing accomplishments in Genshin Impact is always entertaining, especially for completionists who want to complete every task in the game. It’s also a great method to get some additional Primogems, since who doesn’t like free stuff?

Inazuma’s Genshin Impact Hidden Achievements

  1. Who was it who let the dogs out?
  2. Ride the Thunder
  3. Defend yourself with fire.
  4. Paimon’s Blessings
  5. Is There Anyone Else Here?
  6. Thunder Can Be Heard

Who was it who let the dogs out?

To get the Who Let the Dogs Out accomplishment, you must use a Metal Key to release Toratarou from its prison. The cage may be located on Jinren Island’s southeast side. The island is located far north of Narukami. 

Near the cage, there are two Metal Keys to be found. You’ll discover a wooden platform with a few crates if you walk west from the cage. Look for the Metal Key on top of the boxes. Return to Toratarou to unlock the cage and complete the achievement once you have it.

Defend yourself with fire

You must beat Kairagi: Fiery Might when their weapon is Pyro-infused to unlock the Fight Fire With Fire hidden achievement. Find a Kairagi and battle it, but only while the weapon is flaming. These opponents are typically seen alongside Nobushi Samurai. It’s possible that you’ll have to inflict some damage first and then wait a while for this to happen. To gain the accomplishment, defeat the opponent once the weapon has been Pyro-infused.

Ride the Thunder

Ride the Lightning is identical to the previous accomplishment in that it must be completed. The only difference is that instead of a Kairagi: Dancing Thunder, you’ll want to locate a Kairagi: Dancing Thunder. Then defeat the opponent once the weapon has been Electro-infused. We suggest reducing the enemy’s health to a minimum and then waiting for the Electro charge. You may get the accomplishment by removing it while it’s active.

Kairagi: Dancing Thunder Ride the Lightning Achievement in Genshin Impact

Paimon’s Blessings

Use the Fortune Slip method at the Grand Narukami Shrine to complete Paimon’s Lucky Day. The Paimon’s Lucky Day accomplishment may be earned by drawing a Great Fortune. Simply contact Gendou Ringo at the Sacred Sakura Tree if you have any questions about how this works. Every day, you may draw one Fortune Slip, which will reward you with a random slip. The Paimon’s Lucky Day or Just My Luck accomplishments are unlocked if you receive either the Great Fortune or Great Misfortune.

Genshin Impact Hidden Achievements in Inazuma - Paimon's Lucky Day

Is There Anyone Else Here?

If you’ve previously completed the Ritou Rode quest, you’re almost done with this one. If you haven’t already, this one is simple to cross off your list. Go to the southern part of Ritou, next to the home. Behind the home, there is a hidden tunnel in the shape of a trap door. You’ll be able to unlock the achievement if you enter it.

Genshin Impact Hidden Achievements in Inazuma - Hello is Anyone in Here?

Thunder Can Be Heard

All you have to do to get the I Hear Thunder accomplishment is be hit by lightning while battling a Crackling Axe Mitachurl. It makes no difference whether you kill the opponent. All you have to do is be in the middle of a fight when the lightning strikes. The huge Electro-infused axe-wielding Mitachurls are your foes. If you can’t locate one of these opponents, go to Nazuchi Beach.

Genshin Impact Hidden Achievements in Inazuma - I Hear Thunder

Check out our Simple Tomb locations guide if you wish to follow a more in-depth accomplishment.

There are hidden achievements in Inazuma that can be completed by the player. These achievements require a lot of effort and time to complete, but they will allow players to see what is coming for the future of narukami. Reference: for the future of narukami achievement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 3 hidden achievements in Rust?

The three hidden achievements in Rust are The Unseen, Journeyman, and Master of Arms.

What are the 5 hidden achievements in Rust?

A: 1. Build a bed 2. Build a crafting table 3. Craft an axe 4. Craft a sword 5. Craft armor

How do you get the hidden achievement?

To get the hidden achievement, you must complete all of the songs in the game.

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