Fishkeeper – A Soothing Experience

Fishkeeper is a brand new project from developer Blinkclick Games in which you can become a professional aquarist. Fishkeeper introduces a whole new approach to aquarium games where you can build your own dream aquarium, place your favourite fish in it and then auction them off to earn money for more fish and aquarium upgrades. Not only does it look unique, but our experience with the first prototype was truly unique and very reassuring. Our Fishkeeper preview is available here, where we build an aquarium and swim with our favorite fish in our mini submarine.

Fishkeeper is essentially an aquarium building simulator where your main goal is to build the best aquarium and keep the fish in it. Once built, you can care for your fish and make sure the aquarium meets their needs and keeps them healthy. You can probably sell your fish later for a profit, but that feature was not present in the Early Access prototype I received for this preview. You begin by placing the glass block that will become the aquarium of your dreams. You can adjust the size to suit your taste by making it bigger, longer or taller depending on your taste. You can also add cool corner styles to make it more sophisticated.

The game takes place on different levels, but from what I understand of the game, the levels are basically a backdrop for your aquarium. These are exactly the areas you want in the background when setting up and managing your aquarium. Once you are satisfied with the dimensions of the aquarium, you can place the type of water you want in the aquarium. You can choose between salt water and fresh water. This is important because the game contains both saltwater and freshwater fish and plants, and they can only be placed in the type of water in which they can survive.

After choosing the water and the food, you can install some useful devices that will keep you informed about the different statistics of the aquarium, as well as its condition. These include thermometers, heating elements, filters and aerators. As you install the various devices, the user interface will show more and more data about your aquarium, measured by the devices, to help you with future maintenance. You can also decorate the aquarium by choosing a suitable floor covering, for example. B. Sand or pebbles, then wallpaper to give the fish privacy.

Fisherman also offers decorative elements for your aquarium, such as shipwrecks, rocks of all sizes and artificial reefs to make your fish as comfortable as possible. Once you are happy with the look of the aquarium, you can start putting fish in it. Depending on the type of water, you can add freshwater or saltwater fish or crabs to the aquarium. You can rename a fish and open each fish’s tab to check its needs and statistics. This adds a personal touch to each of your fish, as giving each fish a different name shows that you really know each fish in your aquarium.

To clean and explore your aquarium, you have a tiny camera submarine that you can board to observe your fish in their habitat and clean different parts of the aquarium along the way. The equipment installed in the aquarium requires the highest level of cleanliness, and you can easily achieve this with your mini-sub by interacting with the equipment while in the aquarium. It is important to keep your aquarium clean for your fish, as they thrive in a clean environment. You can also use it to take pictures of the fish in the aquarium. You can also customize this mini subwoofer with various performance-enhancing details and visual options to suit your needs.

Another interesting aspect of Fishkeeper is that it comes with a huge Aquapedia. It contains detailed information about every fish species in the game. The Aquapedia was clearly incomplete at this point, but there were several complete maps that contained all sorts of information about the fish, such as. B. their diet, habitat, behavior and more. The game features a large number of real fish from around the world. So if you like fishing in general, Aquapedia is the treasure trove of fish knowledge you need. The full Aquapedia will be available in the full game when it comes out. With this, you can easily determine how to care for the different fish in your aquarium, which fish can live together, and much more.

Even in its current state, Fishkeeping is truly a calming experience. The game still needs a lot of work in terms of gameplay customization, visuals, sound design, and adding features, but I had a good time with this game. Many features are present in the game, but currently not enabled, e.g. Food, market and more. The game also currently gives you a certain amount of currency, but there was no way to earn more since in-game trading is currently inactive. I’m looking forward to the release of the game and would love to see the full version at some point.

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I really like the concept of Fishkeeper, and the game is also doing very well on the Kickstarter campaign, with many backers looking forward to the game. Fishkeeper is the epitome of Zen and one of the most calming experiences you can imagine. The first prototype I played for the preview was pretty fun, and despite the limited content and functionality, I ended up spending hours watching the fish, swimming among them, and cleaning the aquarium. The features of the full game are promising, and I look forward to the release of the full game.

You can back Fishkeeper on Kickstarter and add it to your wishlist on Steam if you like the game.

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