Genshin Impact Minacious Isle Seelie Puzzle Solution

In Genshin Impact Minacious Isle Seelie Puzzle Solution, you are a detective tasked with solving a string of murders that have plagued the nation of Seelie. Each night, strange creatures are reported to be attacking the people of Seelie. These monsters have all been killed mysteriously, even though the crime scenes are extremely clean. These are all very disturbing and eerie events, but the real question is: who is responsible?

There has been a lot of discussion lately on the Genshin Impact Minacious Isle Seelie Puzzle Solution. The Genshin Impact Minacious Isle Seelie Puzzle Solution involves shipping a puzzle to another colony world, then solving the puzzle, returning to earth, and then using the puzzle to solve the Alien Minacious Isle Seelie Puzzle Solution. We have been shipping puzzles to the Genshin Impact Minacious Isle Seelie Puzzle Solution for over a century, even though we have never solved the Alien Minacious Isle Seelie Puzzle Solution.

Whether you’re a fan of Final Fantasy or a total newcomer to the franchise, you’ll get plenty of info about this awesome puzzle game. There are many different puzzles, many different challenges to solve, and our game guide will help you through them all.

the Golden Apple Archipelago region in Genshin’s breath is full of secrets. In the second act, new lands appear underwater, unlocking several new hidden missions. One of these missions is called The Winding Road Home. It’s about helping Sili find her way to Moon City. We are here to help you in this process. We’ll show you where to find it and help you every step of the way. So here’s our guide to solving the Genshin Impact Minacious Isle Seelie puzzle. This quest requires you to unlock the second act in the Golden Apple Archipelago, so make sure you have completed the main quests and are at least a rank 30 adventurer to join. Once you’ve met all the requirements, head to Minacious Island to begin the game.

Genshin Impact Minacious Isle Seelie puzzle solution

To solve the Seeley puzzle on Minasius Island in the Genshin Archipelago Golden Apple Exhibition, you must complete the following ten steps:

  1. Teleport to the Minacious Island waypoint and head southeast.
  2. Find the lost soul and follow it to the lower level.
  3. Explore the strange pillar to find four clues.
  4. Use the cryo and anemo characters to activate the nodes.
  5. Put the Anemo elemental center monument in position two.
  6. Throw the Arphastum blessed by the winds at the pyro-elemental monument to ignite the pyro node.
  7. Putting the average elementary instrument first
  8. Throw the wind-blessed Arphastum at the hydroelemental’s monument to ignite the hydroelemental.
  9. Go through the gate and go to Moon City.
  10. Follow Seeley and break the stones to complete the task.

Below are video instructions for this puzzle, and also written instructions if you feel more comfortable with them.

Minacious Island Seelie Location

Seelie is located on the south side of the main island of Minacious. Go to the place and walk next to Seelie to get the quest. Start with the lowest level of the scale.

Properly illuminate the monuments of the elements

If you walk down the stairs, you’ll come to a strange post with some directions. When lit, the post indicates the order in which you should activate the elementary nodes:

  1. Cryo
  2. Anemo
  3. Pyro
  4. Hydro

The first two elementary vision nodes, Kryo and Anemo, are activated very easily. Find them nearby and use the elemental skill of the respective character to activate the nodes. The next two options are a little more complicated.

Adaptation of the position of the structures of the elements

In the middle of this area are three elementary structures. You can adjust the position of the center. You need position 2 to turn on the Pyro-Monument and position 1 to turn on the Hydro-Monument. Follow the steps below to activate the other two nodes:

  1. Change the structure of the middle anemone in position two by moving to it and choosing the option.
  2. Stand in front of the pyrotechnic ring.
  3. Equip the windless Arfastum and launch it through the Pyro structure.

The pyro-node on the roof of the cave must be activated. Otherwise, try throwing the arpastum into the ring from a different angle. Watch the video to see how I did it. For the hydro ring, follow the same instructions but change the anemo structure to position 1. Stand in front of the Hydroring and throw the Harpastum through it to ignite the last monument. If you turn on all the monuments, some snails will appear and then a portal. Go through the portal using the wind currents, or just teleport to the Minacious Island waypoint and descend there.

Seeley House in Moon City

If you go through the gate, you’ll enter the City of the Moon. Follow Seeley to the unstable rocks and destroy them with all the weapons you can. Seeley will eventually reach his home, and you will complete the quest Winding Road Home. You should get 30 Primogems for completing this task and another 10 for opening the luxury chest as a reward.This is a game where you play as a ghost trying to collect enough souls to open the door to the next floor. The map is randomly generated each time you play. The souls you collect are used to buy powerups to help you get further through the floors. Each time you open the door a new floor is revealed and a new map is created. The object of the game is to collect all the souls and open the door to the last floor.. Read more about minacious isle puzzle torch and let us know what you think.

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