Going Medieval Update Patch Notes

A new update to our favorite match-3 game is here! This patch notes are being made available, so get ready for the latest challenges.

The “going medieval update schedule” is a new patch that has been released for the game. It includes numerous bug fixes and improvements.

Going Medieval

Going Medieval version has been released by developer Foxy Voxel, and we have the whole changelog for you to peruse. The latest version includes several problem fixes for the game. Patch also includes performance upgrades and quality of life improvements.

Unfortunately, Foxy Voxel did not provide the actual file size of the update. However, based on the file modifications, it seems that this upgrade will not be resource intensive. Check see the game’s official release notes.

Patch Notes for the Going Medieval Update


  • Fixed a problem caused by using the relocate function for certain building — if a player placed a blueprint on a voxel, then cancelled it, then repeated the procedure two more times on the same voxel, the game would crash after the third time.
  • Pausing the game at the same moment the Autosave function was triggered generated a progress blocker.
  • Fixed an issue where when using multi selection (through double click) on walls or windows, both were chosen. A multi selection of walls now selects just walls individually, similar to how doors are multi chosen. The same principle applies to Windows choices.
  • Fixed an issue where settlers sent in a Caravan would display in the Historical Records menu as “Settler Died” occurrences.
  • Fixed an issue where traded items and resources, as well as those given as presents, were still visible on the Caravan Info Tab.
  • Fixed the problem that caused the ceiling to collapse if the entrance was built in a room next to a wall. The player would terminate the door’s construction, causing the roof above the entrance to fall in the process.
  • Fixed an issue where weather events would cause resources/items to deteriorate despite the presence of a roof over them. If the roof was built during a weather event, it could not register correctly.
  • When selling/gifting allotted Books, an issue caused the counter in the Research Menu to get corrupted.
  • The problem where players were unable to get the Retribution accomplishment has been resolved.
  • The problem with Room types being constructed using the Structure Pile variation of the needed structures has been resolved.
  • Fixed an issue where stored goods in storage structures (chests, racks) would vanish when the voxels underneath them were mined.
  • Fixed an issue where the blueprint would cancel itself once the blueprint underneath it was completed.
  • Various problems with missing text have been resolved.

Improvements in Quality of Life

  • Trees have leaf particles added to them. (This may be disabled in the ‘Graphics’ section of the settings menu.)
  • When a production is concluded, particles are added.
  • Traders now have a weight limit; commerce can’t continue if the merchant can’t carry any more resources (players can’t give a visitor 100k limestone anymore). Yeah. Sorry for the inconvenience).
  • Mountain and valley communities have somewhat varied stock (wood, stone, gold, and iron have varying price modifiers and quantity).
  • Locking a merchant now causes the faction to lose alignment (-5/h), and when a merchant tries to leave but is trapped in, a notice will show.
  • The global map now has keybindings for panels (4,5,6).

The “going medieval perk list” is a patch for the game, “Going Medieval”. The patch notes are posted on the official website.

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