Hitman 3 Elusive Target – The Fugitive Silent Assassin guide

Silent Assassin was the first game to use an AI character, Agent 47. The game has since become a series of video games and movies that originated in its complete form on November 20th 2004. However it is not just for those who love action or anything about Hitman; this guide will help you figure out how to complete all 50 levels using only your wits as well as weapons like poison sprayers, sniper rifles and silenced pistols.

The “hitman 3 elusive target rewards” is a guide that offers tips, tricks, and strategies for the Hitman 3 Elusive Target – The Fugitive Silent Assassin.

The Fugitive is one of Hitman 3’s most intriguing Elusive Targets. Your target is one of three potential NPCs in Hokkaido, but you won’t know which one until Dianna has given you details on their cosmetic repair procedure. This makes providing a Silent Assassin guide for the target difficult, but we can supply you with the knowledge you need to do a Silent Assassin murder regardless of which NPC is the target when you play.

Warning about an elusive target

You can’t restart or replan this operation after you’ve begun accomplishing goals, like you can with all Elusive Targets. That implies you won’t be able to restart after you’ve killed the target. You may, however, reset and replan if you kill a non-target, which gives you some control over the operation. However, if you want to finish the assignment properly, we urge that you follow our instructions and kill the target only when you’re ready.


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Although we’ve opted to clothe Agent 47 in the Polar Survival Suit, you’ll start in the default location of Tobias Rieper’s Suite. The Remote Emetic Gas Device must be kept in the Staff Wardrobe Smuggled Item location.

Pick up your poison first.

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Head out of the room and into the facility’s center area from your starting point. Then enter the outdoor area with the pond via the doors and go up the hill to the left. A gap towards the top, in the top-left corner, allows you to descend and slide down a drainpipe. This place is shown on the map below.

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Hang on to the ledge at the bottom of the drainpipe as you slide down it. Then you must jump into the walkway above you. Turn left and you’ll notice some steps with a guard resting against the wall at the bottom. Sneak down to the guard’s quarters and overpower him. Through a neighboring door, you may keep his corpse within the facility in a closet. When you’ve finished, put on his disguise.

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Then, on the map, follow the symbol until you find your smuggled object.

Step 2: Make your way to the restaurant.

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Return the way you came after picking up the Remote Emetic Gas Device, but this time enter the restaurant. Return up the stairs, but instead of vaulting onto the walkway, turn left and enter the first door on the right. You won’t be identified in your present disguise. One of the probable targets will shortly enter and take a seat near the bar on the sofa. This couch’s location is shown on a map below.

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Step 3: Unintentional death

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You may now either go to the director’s office and acquire the files you need to identify the real target, or you can wait for Dianna to transmit the information, which will take a long time. In this disguise, you may drop the Remote Emetic Gas Device and explode it directly in front of your target, regardless of which victim you need to kill. They’ll go to the closest restroom to vomit up if this occurs. Follow them and assassinate them.

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Now make your way to the nearest exit. If this is your first Elusive Target kill in Hokkaido, you’ll earn the White Yukata outfit.

The “hitman elusive targets reactivated” is a guide that will help you to complete the mission of the “Hitman 3 Elusive Target – The Fugitive”.

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