How many characters die or can die in GTA 5?

There is no doubt that most of the characters in GTA 5 have bad intentions, namely hurting people and making money, and are trigger-happy. So, since I know all the characters that die or can die in GTA 5, I decided to make a death list. Let’s go:


  1. Brad. (Recorded by Dave)
  2. Esteban Jimenez (Franklin Motorcycle Shot)
  3. Jay Norris (blown up by a prototype phone Michael tampered with).
  4. D (Stretch shot)
  5. Johnny K. (Trevor’s Hard Pounding)
  6. Ashley (optional) (Trevor moved)
  7. Terry and Clay (Recorded by Trevor)
  8. Ortega. (Trevor’s shot)
  9. Ernie, Earl, Dale, Doyle, Daryl, Dalton, Dan, and Don O’Neil (all shot and burned by Trevor).
  10. Azerbaijani (filmed by Michael and Dave)
  11. M.C. Clip.
  12. Bret Lowry (killed by Franklin)
  13. 4 Jury Cigarette Redwoods (with Franklin)
  14. Jackson Skinner (killed by Franklin)
  15. Isaac Penny. (Killing Franklin)
  16. Chad Mulligan (optional) (Killed by Franklin)
  17. Javier Madrazo (Trevor’s Shot)
  18. Enzo Bonelli.
  19. Walton and Wynn O’Neil.
  20. Elwood O’Neil (shot by Franklin)
  21. Floyd and Debra (stabbed by Trevor)
  22. Rocco (recorded by Michael)
  23. Molly (sucked into a jet engine)
  24. Agent Sanchez (recorded by Steve Haynes)
  25. Contact United Liberty Paper (shot by Michael or the FBI firing squad).
  26. Trevor (optional) (Killed by Franklin and Michael)
  27. Michael (optional) (Killed by Franklin)
  28. Wei Cheng, Tao Cheng, Tao the translator and Lieutenant Wei (blown up by Franklin).
  29. Stretch. (stabbed by Michael)
  30. Steve Haynes (photo by Trevor).
  31. Devin Weston (kidnapped and murdered by Franklin, Michael and Trevor)


  1. Norm Richards (fell off his bike in traffic during a jewelry store robbery).
  2. Daryl Jones (run over by a police car in Paleto Score).
  3. Hugh Welch (blown up through a door in a burning building during an FBI raid).
  4. Karim Denz (helicopter crash during the Big Score)
  5. Taliana Martinez (the helicopter crashes during Big Score when Lester doesn’t shoot down Merrywhether’s helicopter).
  6. Eddie To (brings the helicopter down during the big battle when Lester can’t get the Merrywhether helicopters out).
  7. Packy McReary (Sold to Altruist Trevor)


  1. Peter Dreyfuss (Franklin Plan)
  2. Abigail (optional) (killed by Michael)
  3. Beverly (optional) (killed by Franklin)
  4. Stupid (commits suicide by jumping off the edge of a dam).
  5. Josh (recorded by Trevor)
  6. Joe and Joseph (Recorded by Trevor)
  7. Willie (optional) (Killed by Trevor)
  8. Mark Fostenburg (Trevor’s Shot)
  9. Al Di Napoli (optional) (killed by Trevor)
  10. Ralph Ostrowski (optional) (recorded by Trevor)
  11. Larry Tapper (optional) (recorded by Trevor)
  12. Glenn Scoville (optional) (recorded by Trevor)
  13. Curtis Weaver (optional) (Trevor’s recording)
  14. Yeti (optional) (gets killed by Franklin)


  1. Antonia Bottino (Sold to Altruist Trevor)
  2. Ursula (sold to the altruistic Trevor).
  3. Runaway Bride (sold by Trevor to the Altruists)
  4. Lost M.C. girl. (Sold to Trevor Altruiste)
  5. Simeon (moved by Franklin or Michael).
  6. Dr. Friedlander (recorded by Michael)

Okay, now we’ll wrap it up. The total number of characters that can die or die in GTA 5 is 56. If I missed anyone, let me know and I’ll add them to the list.

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frequently asked questions

Who dies in GTA 5?

Listen to

What happens if you kill Michael or Trevor?

But if you hesitate to shoot your old friend, Michael will eventually do it for you. After this you can’t play as Trevor anymore. After killing Trevor, Franklin and Michael go their separate ways.

Can all three characters live in GTA 5?

In the last mission, you have 3 choices: Kill Michael or Trevor or a death wish, so pick a death wish and all 3 characters will live. In which you must kill the man who gave you the choice. Here in issue C, which is Deathwish, Franklin doesn’t kill Trevor and Michael, but all three kill all their enemies.

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