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Satisfactory has a cheat console with which you can activate cheat codes. As we all know, Satisfactory is a game of skill. You have to build huge factories, and you also have to protect your buildings. In this guide, I will help you to satisfy the cheaters. There are two ways to use cheats in this game. First, why Coach, which is a third-party application. And secondly, you can manipulate the game settings through the internet developer’s console. The advantage of using consoles for developers is that you don’t have the two problems of finding the right coach. It also prevents security problems in your system.

In this satisfying cheat guide, I will share a list of all the cheat codes you can enter in the console. Many of these codes can be used to change game settings, and some codes can give you free resources. There’s one more thing you can do right. You can use DebugType codes to display information in the game. The commands in this list can help you get details like information about enemies or automatic vehicles near the player. So let’s start with a complete list of satisfying cheat codes and what you can do with them. But before we look at the first section, how to activate the cheat codes, satisfactory.

How do I activate the cheat console in Satisfactory?

Press Ctrl+Shift+L to open the cheat console. You can also press the tilde (~) key to open a console command and enter cheat codes. Satisfactory has a locked console, so you don’t have to make any major changes to the game. You can press Ctrl + Shift + L to open it, or press the tilde key twice. You can then enter the cheat codes below and see the effects on screen. As I mentioned earlier, there are two types of commands, the normal cheat command and the debug command. In the second one, you can change game settings such as FPS, view input and physical data, check train information, etc.

There is a key combination that allows you to access the entire list of Satisfying Cheaters with one keystroke. Start the console and type a question mark (?) to see the complete list of cheats available in different colors.

  • Green Teams : Can be used as a public user.
  • Purple teams : It can only be performed by the administrator.
  • Grey teams: Read-only commands.

Enough cheat codes:

  1. Find products to produce – materialFlowAnalysis prescriptionName [FString].
  2. Pause the game. – Pause
  3. Switch off/on atmosphere – r.Atmosphere 0 or 1
  4. Fog disable/enable – p.fog 0 or 1
  5. Change brightness – Gamma (number)
  6. Kill the player – suicide
  7. Display the number of FPS – Stat.
  8. Sets the maximum frame rate – t.MaxFPS [value].
  9. Kill the player – suicide
  10. Sets the distance of the shadow rendering – r.Shadow.DistanceScale
  11. Determines the density of the grass – Grass.density (number)
  12. Model LOD Control Quality – Foliage. LODDistanceScale
  13. Set the internal resolution scale – r.ScreenPercent [%].

Defective debug codes:

  1. Displays the player’s name, world coordinates, primary view, etc. – ShowDebug [DebugType] (show debugging)
  2. Reveal information about an enemy or vehicle near the player – AI.
  3. Give the information about the animation and the name – ANIMATION
  4. Disclosure of information on bone joints – BONES
  5. Open the camera position information – CAMERA
  6. Disclosure of information on all electrical networks (circuits) in the world – CIRCUITS
  7. Collision information – COLLISION
  8. Get information about buildings built by players – FACTORY
  9. More information about the structures – FACTORY INFORMATION
  10. Open the current force feedback information – FORCEFEEDBACK
  11. Identify information about the currently used input method – INPUT
  12. Getting information about multi-user connections – NET
  13. Show only default information, hide the rest – NO
  14. Announcement of the speed of the player – PHYSICAL
  15. Information concerning the radioactivity detection subsystem – RADIATION
  16. The spheres show where radiation can affect the player – RADIANT Spheres
  17. Search for railway subsystem information – TRACKS
  18. Get information about connections between cars – TREINCOUPPLERS
  19. Obtaining information about the railway subsystem in relation to tracks – TRAINAMI
  20. Get information about the current vehicle – VEHICLA
  21. Disclosure of players with weapons or tools – WEAPON

So these are good tips and debug commands. You can try them during the game. If you want more, you can try the satisfying Trainers, which is a bit risky. Some may crash the game and make your system unstable. We have covered some important guides to help you in the game. For example, what to do with nuclear waste or how to find coal, etc. See the links for more information.

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