Neverwinter August 24th Update Patch Notes

The latest patch notes for Neverwinter’s newest update, “The Maze Engine,” were released on August 23rd.

The neverwinter patch notes today is a blog post that gives information about the latest update for the game.

Neverwinter August 24th Update Patch Notes

On August 24th, Neverwinter, the free-to-play action MMO for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, will get a major update across all platforms. A new Bard Class, a new level cap and leveling experience, an adventure system, and progression improvements are just a few of the features of this version. If you want to see what’s new in Neverwinter, check out the full update log and patch notes for August 24th down below.

Patch Notes for the 24th of August in Neverwinter

The Bard Class has been updated.

With this update, the Bard class is now playable! The bard is a versatile adventurer who uses song’s power to be a strong healer or a stylish warrior. The bard’s unique Perform mechanism enables them to perform a wide range of tunes that may help, heal, or harm their targets. Make a new bard, strike with your sword, and soothe with music!

Leveling Experience and a New Level Cap

There is now a new adjusted level limit of 20 in line with Dungeons & Dragons. Levels are now acquired at important milestones in each zone’s storylines as part of the new leveling system, ensuring an appropriate pace and difficulty. With this update, all active characters have been raised to level 20, although the game should continue to function as it did before this module.

The Guild of Adventurers and the Training Room

To better assist new and experienced players, the Trade of Blades has been renamed the Adventurer’s Guild. Vendors, services, and access to the new Training Room, where adventurers may study their class mechanics and try new skills, can all be found in this area. Take a look at your new headquarters!

Vaulted Information

The original leveling flow has had several zones deleted. Check out the Dev Blog for more information on which zones have been vaulted, the rationale behind it, and future plans.

System of Adventure

The Adventure System introduces a fresh and simple method to go through material, keep track of your progress, and earn fantastic prizes. Adventures’ aim is to direct you to the information that is most relevant to you. Look for it in the Sword Coast Chronicles section of the Journal!

Updates on your profession

The levels of your profession and artisans have been adjusted as a result of the level limit modifications. Gear item levels have also been raised to better match other prizes. Visit the workshop to see what has changed!

Notes on Other Releases

Environment and Content


  • Cecil is now consistently visible for all quest stages that require contact with him, according to Bryn Shander: Merchant Woes.
  • Lore: The Adventurer’s Guild now has a store where you can buy lore from vaulted zones.
  • The Tarmalune Trade House has been modified to allow for more development in the Protector’s Enclave.
  • Within leveling zones, many settings and encounters have been enhanced.
  • Within leveling zones, many quest processes and NPC behavior have been enhanced.
  • Several minor typos have been fixed.
  • When you unlock Vault of Stars, it now unlocks across your entire account.


  • Acquisitions Incorporated has been renamed an Adventure, and it now rewards the same boon points as the Acquisitions Incorporated campaign.
  • The Dwarven King quest line has been upgraded to an Adventure, and it now rewards the same boon points as the Underdark campaign.
  • The Maze Engine is now an Adventure, and it provides the same boon points that the Maze Engine campaign did before.

Dragons’ Tyranny

  • Parts of this campaign that required interaction with Protector’s Enclave groups have been deleted, making the campaign shorter as a consequence. It now goes straight to the zone of the Well of Dragons.

Reorganization of the Queue

  • Infernal Citadel, Castle Ravenloft, Tomb of the Nine Gods, Lair of the Mad Mage, and Vault of Stars are now part of the Advanced Dungeon category, which includes Infernal Citadel, Castle Ravenloft, Tomb of the Nine Gods, Lair of the Mad Mage, and Vault of Stars. All but Vault of Stars are in the queue for the Random Advanced Dungeon.
  • The remaining Epic Dungeons have been moved to the regular Dungeon queue, and players will now be scaled up to the minimum item level. Campaign unlocks are still required for Spellplague Caverns and Fangbreaker Island, but the remainder of the queues now need a minimum level of 5.


  • The Double Underdark and Double Maze Engine currency events have been deleted from the calendar due to the removal of the campaigns.
  • Even when the event is not running, the Coins of Waukeen merchant no longer hangs around in the Moonstone Mask.

Combat and Abilities


  • Collars that are inactive do longer give enhanced Item Level to characters.


  • When Master Boons are triggered, no pop-up messages appear.
  • When a player heals for less than 10% of a target’s health, the Master Boons “Blessed Advantage” and “Blessed Resilience” should now trigger more often when the player heals for more than 10% of the target’s health.


  • Ghost
    • Horrific Visage has replaced Possession as a powerful ability.
    • Horrific Visage – The ghost causes dread in all surrounding foes, inflicting damage and immobilizing them for 4 seconds.

Bonuses for race

  • When proc’d, Drow’s Dark Fire should now correctly boost damage against creatures.
    • This power now has a 10% probability of activation, up from 5% before.
  • When used, Renegade Drow’s Faerie Fire power should now correctly boost damage against animals while decreasing the critter’s damage.
    • This power now has a 10% probability of activation, up from 5% before.

Enemies and Opposing Forces


  • When hunting Drakes in the Stronghold, they now spew ice rather than acid.
  • Spawning Pits in Spellplague Caverns should now be resistant to all control effects.
  • Instead of inflicting injuries, traps now give short-term debuffs.
  • While we haven’t identified all of the instances in which this happens, there should be fewer instances in which opponents move while charging an ability that should hold them down.

The Economy and the Items


  • Players at peak level now fill a Progression bar for periodic prizes, since experience has been eliminated.
  • Mythic Rank insignias are now available.
  • The Neverember’s Recruitment event lasts for 30 days after the module is released. In-game awards have been changed!
  • The item level of Thrones is no longer inaccurate.


  • Enchantments that formerly granted XP bonuses now provide Movement Speed.
  • For characters below max level, the cost of unslotting enchantments has been reduced significantly.


  • Vendors will now be required to sell the updated versions of their event meals throughout future rounds of the Fowls in April and Lantern Festival events.
    • April Fowls
      • Hot Wings have a 5% Critical Severity and a 5% Accuracy bonus.
      • Seed Breed: 5% increase in power and 5% increase in defense.
    • Feast of Lanterns
      • Mochi has a 5% increase in power and a 5% increase in maximum hit points.
      • Niangao has a +5% Critical Chance and a +5% Deflect.
    • Existing versions of these meals will not be tampered with.
  • Liars’ Masquerade
    • On a Level 15-20 character, Cured Meat acquired from Piatas now provides 75 percent of your Hit Points, up to a maximum of 412500.
    • The Enchanted Witch’s Sash is now Accountable.
    • Gnarled Broomstick has become Accountable.
    • The Enchanted Bristles’ Handful of Enchanted Bristles is now bound to account.
  • Tymora’s Gift: Tymora’s Lucky Coin now gives a random rating 500 points, up from 410 before. This is no longer proportional to level.
  • This item can now give the following benefits: Adorable Pocket Pet: This item can now grant the following benefits:
    • Up to 500 people are aware of it.
    • Gain of up to 1% in AP.
  • Summer Festival: The maximum stack count for Sailcloth has been increased to 999.

Queues at Random

  • The Epic Dungeon queue has been renamed the Advanced Dungeon Line, and it now awards the same amount of Rough Astral Diamonds as the Trial queue: 4,000 RAD each day with a daily bonus of 30,000 RAD.
  • Non-VIPs may now earn up to 80,000 RAD via daily bonuses to random queues.
  • The daily bonuses from the Trial, Advanced, and Skirmish queues are still only available once each day.
  • As long as you haven’t reached the 80,000 daily bonus limit for queues for the day, dungeon queue now gives its daily bonus on each run.

The The Zen Market is a place where you may buy is a place where you may buy

  • The Adventurer’s Head Start Bundle has been removed from the Zen Market.
  • The Adventurer’s Support Pack has been removed from the Zen Market.
  • The Avernus Hunt Key Bundle has been removed from the Zen Market.
  • The Zen Market no longer has any Change Physical Appearance tokens. It’s currently available in the Wondrous Bazaar.
  • In the Zen Market, character loadouts are no longer available. It’s currently available in the Wondrous Bazaar.
  • Purchases of Experience Boosters are no longer available.
  • Glory Boosters have been removed from the Zen Market.
  • Knox’s Adventurer Recruitment Order is no longer in effect. Instead, players may now buy a 30k Character Boost in the Zen Market’s Packs area, which increases their level to 20 and equips them with the necessary gear to raise their Item Level to 30,000.
  • Because the contents of the PvP Starter Pack have become obsolete, it is no longer accessible on the Zen Market.
  • In the Zen Market, Rename Tokens are no longer available. It’s currently available in the Wondrous Bazaar.
  • Stone of Health: This item now costs 200 Zen for a 100-charge Stone of Health on the Zen Market.
  • A Mythic Insignia Pack has been introduced to replace the Legendary Insignia Pack.
  • Instead of a fixed amount, “The Power of VIP” bonus now gives 1% max HP.

User-Interface Design


  • Companions made entirely of visual effects (such as Butterfly) should now appear in previews more often.
  • Cutscenes now require a button hold rather than a single push to skip.
  • If the user quits the screen instead of accepting prizes, end-of-dungeon treasure boxes should no longer shatter.
  • Among other things, the Neverwinter logo, loading screen graphics, and letterboxing borders have been updated.
  • The instructional experience has been enhanced throughout the game to go along with the leveling flow adjustments. On different windows, there should now be an option to open a description of the window’s functionality.
  • If a queue comes up while the player is in a full-screen interface, such as a contact dialog, a warning now appears.


  • The “Show Player Triggered Power Names” option has been changed to “Off” to minimize visual clutter in battle.
    • This has an impact on existing characters’ settings as well. To reactivate it, go to the Main Menu, Options, and then the HUD category on the Interface tab. Toggle “Show Player Triggered Power Names” there.

Zen Market

  • While sales are active, context-specific discounts (e.g. Hell Pit and Harvester of Nightmares event buyouts) now work correctly. They do not stack, as do all discounts; the largest single discount will be applied.

Visual effects, animation, audio, and character art


  • Characters’ fingers should no longer be able to stick through cauldron mounts.


  • The Sprite companion no longer makes regular use of hit noises.

Character Design

  • The Golden Horse mount’s saddle should no longer be sunk into by characters.
  • Some characters in Chef’s Toque should no longer have severe clipping problems.
  • Other clipping problems have been fixed as well.

Stability and performance


  • The effect of opening the inventory with a high number of items on performance has been minimized. For players with a smaller inventory UI, this modification is more effective.
  • The game’s stability has been improved, and we’re still working on improving performance and graphic quality.

courtesy of ArcGames

The neverwinter patch notes ps4 is a gaming company that released an update on August 24th. It updated the game to version 1.0.6 and fixed a few bugs in the process.

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