New PlayStation 5 Model Features Smaller Heat Sink, Raising Concerns of Even Hotter-Running Consoles

Sony’s new PlayStation 5 model has a smaller heat sink than the previous models, raising concerns over even hotter-running consoles.

Sony unveiled a new model of the PlayStation 5 that features a smaller heat sink. This is raising concerns of even hotter-running consoles.

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Last week, a new version of the PlayStation 5 was secretly released in Australia. Despite early rumors that it only contains minor modifications such as a different screw design and a slightly lighter weight, a YouTuber has released a deconstruction that shows major discrepancies between the new and original consoles.

The latest PS5 version (CFI-11XX numbering system) has several noticeable modifications to its cooling components, as shown by tech YouTuber Austin Evans. The fan, for example, has been redesigned, and the heat sink has been redesigned. The latter is by likely the most important modification, since it is much smaller than the original PS5 version.

Concerns have been expressed over whether the new PS5 model’s cooling performance would be worse than the original. Evans did notice greater exhaust temperatures in the new console, but further testing is needed since that method of measuring the temperature of internal components is worthless. It’s possible that the new PS5 is just more effective at dissipating heat.

“I would assume what occurred is Sony, now that they have nearly a year of PS5 data and have spent more time testing, have decided that although this will run a little hotter, it’s probably OK and won’t adversely affect things that much,” Evans said.

He added, “I don’t believe there’s any dispute that this is a poorer console, at least in terms of thermals and cooling.” “Perhaps they’ve altered some Wi-Fi things, and as we delve further into this, we’ll discover additional oddities and features, but as far as I’m concerned, a launch PS5 would be preferable.”

As Evans pointed out, the updated PS5 seems to have minor modifications to its Wi-Fi antennae. Wireless connection problems have been a common complaint among PS5 owners, but it’s unclear whether these improvements would help to resolve them.

New-PlayStation-5-Model-Features-Smaller-Heat-Sink-Raising-ConcernsAustin Evans/Getty Images


As a result, I was able to get one of the upgraded CFI-1100B type PS5s. ( Full video However, it has just recently gone online…

🔥 The rear exhaust temperature is 3-5 degrees Celsius higher. Weighs 0.3 kilograms (0.6 pounds) less The heatsink is a LOT smaller. Has a fan that has been slightly altered The image of the stand has been upgraded.

August 28, 2021 — Austin Evans (@austinnotduncan)

Austin Evans is the source.

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