Outriders Devastator Class Guide – Skills, Class Trees, Class Traits

Navigators Devastator Class Guide – Skills, Tree Classes, Feature Classes

This Outriders Devastator Class Guide describes the Devastator class in the game and lists all skills, class trees, and property classes that exist in that class.

The Devastator class is a tank when it comes to protecting teammates and absorbing all enemy attacks. As the Devastator, you can count on staying in place and attacking enemies at close range. He has class features that encourage you to attack enemies at close range, one of which heals you by 24% for every close range kill.

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Below we have listed all the skills, class attributes and class trees of the Devastator class in the game.

Characteristics of the class

Devastator has three class features: he gains 15% maximum health, 30% extra armor, and every time he kills an enemy at close range, he heals his maximum health by 24%.

Classroom skills

Mastery The effect
Boulderdash This allows you to attack forward to disrupt all enemies in your path and deal damage. You will eventually break through the ground and send damage to a radius around you.
Earthquake This allows you to unleash a shockwave that damages and dislocates all enemies in front of you.
Infinite mass Turns the target into stone, bleeds and attracts enemies within a small radius of the original target. A stone explosion and damage to nearby enemies follows.
The Golem Get reinforced against 65% of incoming damage for 8 seconds.
Gravity jump Jump into the air and hit targets from above, dealing damage and disrupting enemies in a small radius around the area where you land.
Impala Select a target to disrupt, bleed and damage his skills. If the damage is lethal, the enemy is pierced, creating a zone that gives all allies within range a strong armor and health regeneration bonus.
Deflector projectiles Create a barrier that intercepts all enemy projectiles and accumulates damage. 10 seconds after the skill is activated, the accumulated damage is sent back to the enemies in front of you.
Trembling This allows you to create a series of explosions around you, each of which damages and consumes the health of enemies in a medium radius around you.


Devastator has three tree classes – Vankisher, Warden, and Seismic Shifter.

Mastery The effect
Modified fees When the kinetic abilities expire, the damage to the weapon is increased by 70% for 10 seconds.
Supply of ammunition Increase the size of the warehouse by 50%.
Armorer Weapons penetration has increased by 15%.
Duty Officer. Increases offensive weapon damage by 12%.
Master Assault Increases offensive weapon damage by 20%. Increases the chance of an assault rifle falling by 12%.
Bounty Hunter Increases damage against elites by 15%. Elites can do 15% less damage to you.
Fighter Increases the damage to your weapon by 15%.
Bulletstorm Reload your weapon 20% faster.
Direct hit Increases your critical damage by 20%.
Master Using defensive skills increases weapon damage by 45% for 10 seconds.
Confrontation Enemies that damage you have their physical damage reduced by 10% for 5 seconds.
Dry them. Weapon lizard is up 5%.
Havoc Weapon damage is increased by 8%.
Eternal motion Reduces the cooldown of the Kinetic skill by 15%.
Shotgun enthusiast Shotgun damage increased by 12%.
Soothing hands The recoil of the weapon has been reduced by 30%.
Mastery The effect
An anomaly in the veins Every second restores 1% health.
Colossus Health has increased by 10%.
Hereditary armour If an enemy dies within your range, 20% of his armor is transferred to you for 10 seconds.
In battle. Increases damage reduction by 15% for 10 seconds after kinetic abilities end.
A powerful tank Increases your firepower by 10% of your armor. Increases the power of the anomaly by 10% of your armor.
Captain of the ship Increases all healing by 20% and protection by 20% for you and your allies.
Lord of the Battlefield Get 10% extra health for each enemy killed at close range.
Profit squared Each ammo shot heals you by 5%.
Resistance against the mafia Increases resistance by 15% for each melee enemy.
Pair of resistors Increase the resistance by 20%.
Circle of stones Increase the distance considered as short distance by another 4 meters.
The strong arm of the anomaly After using the class’ melee skill, resistance penetration is increased by 15% for each enemy hit for 10 seconds.
Tanker Armor is increased by 20%.
By the mafia. Increases armor by 7% for each enemy in melee.
solemn oath You have a 100% chance to ignore damage that kills you and build up 50% health. The effect may occur once every 180 seconds.
Endless hours Reduces defensive skills by 15%.
Wimm and Vigor Increases weapon damage by 10% for each unlocked anomaly in the Veins class node.
Seismic shear
Mastery The effect
Abnormal bullets Increases your firepower by 15% of your abnormal power.
Anomaly reservoir Increase the power of the anomaly by 6%.
Blood donation You’ve healed 35% of your bleeding damage.
Massacre. Blood that hits enemies deals 30% extra damage.
Heritage of the earth Increases the base damage of the Seismic skill by 50%.
Endless tremors. Reduce seismic capacity by 15%.
The executioner Increases damage by 20% against enemies with less than 30% health.
Paladin Using defensive skills increases the strength of the anomaly by 45% for 10 seconds.
Eternal motion Reduces the potential for kinetic hypothermia by 15%.
Protected by an anomaly Increases your armor bonus by 40% of your abnormal power.
pure anomaly Increase resistance penetration by 15%.
Red Rivers Extends the duration of bleeding by 30%.
Rejuvenation Increases your Leech ability by 6%.
Qualified guard Increases armor by 20% and stamina by 20% for 10 seconds when your skills expire.
The strong arm of the law Doubles the damage of the class’s melee skill.
Endless hours Reduces defensive skills by 15%.

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