REVIEW: Amphibia – Season 3 Episode 6, “Mr X/Sprig’s Birthday”

We finally get the long awaited Sprig’s birthday episode! It was fun to watch. He gets an interesting gift which leads him on a treasure hunt, but at the end of it all he realizes how much his friends meant to him while they were still here with us.

“The true colors amphibia summary” is a review of the episode “Mr X/Sprig’s Birthday”. It discusses the events that take place in this episode.

“Mr X/Birthday” Sprig’s is the sixth episode of Season 3 of Amphibia.

“This sounds like a bad 80s movie.”

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Mr. X is a federal agent who is investigating the Plantars in “Mr. X.” He and a colleague have lunch at Anne’s restaurant, but Anne and the Plantars are at the movies. Anne tells Hop Pop that she hides some aspects of her life from her parents because they can’t handle it. When Mr. X (RuPaul) interrogates the Boonchuys about their froggy fugitives, they move quickly to alert Anne. Before Anne’s parents can warn her, Mr. X arrives at the theater and sees his target. Mr. X is no match for Anne, but as they flee, he summons reinforcements. Before any of Mr. X’s agents can spot them, Anne’s parents cut the power to the theater restroom, kidnap Anne and the Plantars, and flee. 


Polly and Hop Pop’s planning for the titular event interrupt Anne and Sprig’s finger football game in “Sprig’s Birthday.” He is given a mud crown and is asked to reflect on his life. Anne is dissatisfied with this exhibition as they all go to watch TV. She has her own plans for the big day, which include eating Mexican cuisine, visiting an amusement park, and seeing all of the sites. Sprig claims this is one of his best three birthdays, which encourages Anne to make it number one. Despite the dangerous wind conditions, they travel in a hot air balloon. The balloon detaches from the two, and they lose control. They tumble to the earth once the balloon explodes, but it is a gentle landing. Sprig’s gift, an engraved telescope, is ultimately given to him by Anne. 

Despite being the villain’s formal debut, “Mr. X” is funny. He was referenced at the conclusion of “Anne-Sterminator,” implying that he was a new danger to Anne and the frog family. Because of this lighthearted attitude to the character, I think he’ll be an ally to the heroes before the end of the season, if not sooner. Despite what his coworkers said last week, he seems to be more of a crazy geek obsessed with aliens than a killer of inter-dimensional frogs. Even when Mr. X meets face to face with the Plantars a number of times, he comes off as interested or fascinated rather than hostile. I’m not saying he can’t turn out to be bad in real life, but I’d rather he didn’t. If that’s the case, “Mr. X” is an odd way to introduce a new adversary, and first impressions are crucial. 

Amphibia Mr. X/Sprig's Birthday

I hope it doesn’t come out as a scathing criticism; it’s more of an observation. Silly villains may work, but they must also be dangerous. Mr. X isn’t terrifying or intimidating, so making him a more positive character in the program makes sense. However, “Mr. X” maintains the excellent visual jokes and rapid-fire one-liners that I enjoyed in “Fixing Frobo/Anne-Sterminator.” The program was always amusing, but I binge-watched the first two seasons earlier this year, so it all seemed to blend together for me. I’m experiencing a same issue with Young Justice, whose earlier seasons I also binge-watched a few months ago. In “Mr. X,” there are several allusions to both old and recent films, and the language is smart and demonstrates the nerdiness of creator Matt Braly and his team once again.

The central theme of “Mr. X” is that Anne still has doubts about her parents’ ability to comprehend and aid her. Anne doesn’t know how to rely on the grownups in her life after fending for herself with three talking frogs as her only pals, which is unfortunate. Perhaps this has always been the case. When Sasha and Marcy decided to sneak away for her birthday instead of letting her celebrate with her parents, Anne consented, against her better judgment. Rather of asking for aid, she accepted the unpleasant position. I find it surprising that Anne still believes it’s best to keep children in the dark given their acts in “Anne-Sterminator,” but change doesn’t happen quickly, and kids are stupid. 

Amphibia Mr. X/Sprig's Birthday

“Sprig’s Birthday” features a lot of fantastic humor, and some of the background people in the balloon sequence have already featured this season. You have to appreciate this level of detail when you watch as many cartoons as I do. The program regularly checks in with characters that first seemed to be jokes or placeholders; they aren’t re-used character models. This reminds me of Avatar: The Last Airbender on a lesser scale, at the risk of doing Amphibia a disservice by comparison. Unlike other “kids’ programs,” Avatar transformed one-episode or background characters into integral aspects of the plot. I’m not implying that Amphibia will do so; it airs on the Disney Channel, which is where originality and imagination die. However, it would be a lot of fun. 

“Sprig’s Birthday” continues Anne’s attempt to ingratiate herself with Sprig, despite the fact that he already considers her family. Anne has been conditioned by Sasha’s conditional friendship and outlandish expectations to believe that she must please others in order to obtain her friendship. Could you just quit calling me out like this, Amphibia crew? It’s become a source of embarrassment. In all seriousness, given memories and even passing bits of speech in different episodes, this is a credible feature for Anne. I think that all of Anne’s crazy plans that end in catastrophe will ultimately lead to a confrontation regarding this. Sprig isn’t Sasha, therefore it’s unjust to put Anne and his family in risk for the sake of gaining cool points, despite Anne’s trauma and still-developing social skills. 

Amphibia Mr. X/Sprig's Birthday

I really like the scene in which the Plantars discuss Amphibian birthday traditions. It was fascinating, and Anne’s response seemed quite real. It doesn’t seem enjoyable to her, and most people make birthdays about having a good time, particularly if it’s a child’s special day. Anne retorts that all the mindfulness and appreciation seem like brainwashing, completely ignoring the obvious counterargument. This didn’t strike me as very meaningful. Nonetheless, it was interesting to look at this aspect of two persons with distinct cultural origins. 

“Mr. X/Birthday” Sprig’s is a fantastic episode, featuring two hilarious, intelligent tales that convey really fascinating themes and debates. How I feel about “Mr. X” in the long run will depend on how the character is employed this season, but for now, it’s incredibly amusing. “Sprig’s Birthday” seems like a prelude to a conflict that Sprig and Anne will have to have in order for their relationship to survive and flourish. 

8.5 for plot
8.5 for acting
8 – Progression
9 – Production Design
ten points for comedy



“Mr. X/Birthday” Sprig’s is a fantastic episode, featuring two hilarious, intelligent tales that convey really fascinating themes and debates.

amphibia cast” is a review of the “Mr X/Sprig’s Birthday” episode from Season 3 of Amphibia. The episode follows Mr. X and Sprig as they attempt to find out who is responsible for the death of their colleague, Mr. Z.

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