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Biomutant is a brand new open world RPG game with a twist. The player takes control of a raccoon-like creature that has been mutated after a worldwide disaster. The player must learn how to survive in the new world on his own while fighting against the mutated wildlife and other creatures. The game was developed by a Swedish team of developers called Experiment 101.

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The Biomutant is a new open world action RPG from publisher THQ Nordic and developer Experiment 101. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where most of the tribes of the planet have been wiped out by a disease that causes mutations and destruction. The protagonist is a small furry creature that has stitched together its own eyes and ears from the remains of its ancestors. The game attempts to stand out from the crowd by being set in a world that is constantly changing and the ability to shape that world through your actions. These changes are then reflected in your character’s appearance, so you can show off scars from your battles as well as constantly evolving tattoos.

Have you ever been in a situation where you were almost done with an academic or professional project, but at the last minute had a great idea that you wanted to incorporate into the project? Then these new ideas led you astray and caused you a lot of extra work. Then you had to cut your work short because you couldn’t finish it in time, and the original idea for the project became increasingly vague and incoherent. This is what the bio-mutant does. Experiment 101 had a great idea for an open world RPG filled with cool mutant creatures, and they tried to incorporate all the game systems of the last decade. Biomutant is a perfect example of this expression: Handyman, handyman. The movie Biomutant is set in a post-apocalyptic world where a natural disaster has polluted the environment. The nuclear power plants are opened and the buried pollutants are pulled out, polluting the water and forming lakes of black tar. The tree of life, which provides food and vegetation for all living things in the environment, is now poisoned at the root. As if that wasn’t enough, the radiation has turned some creatures into world eaters who devour the tree of life. The tribes in the region are at odds with each other and can’t agree on how to deal with the cataclysm or the world eaters. Some people think it’s fate and we shouldn’t intervene because it’s our punishment for all the pollution. Others want to uproot the tree and destroy the world eaters to restore the area to its original state. I chose the right path and killed the World eaters. Your story begins at the edge of the area, where you first come into contact with contaminated mud. So, in a sense, you’re erasing the personality as the pollution mutates within you. The options are unique and offer many visual differences. Your principles are directly related to your appearance. If you want more strength and vitality, you will be voluminous and strong. The more skills and intelligence you have, the more refined your traits become. You will also be able to choose starting classes that range between basic weapon classes and power classes. Don’t worry too much about your stats or starting level, as this only counts for the first few hours. Once you start collecting upgrades and materials, you can switch to a shooting, melee or force-oriented character. What follows is a somewhat long tutorial. This feeling is also reinforced by the large number of game systems, world-building and stories you have to go through. Some of these systems and plots don’t start working until a little later, which doesn’t help either. The morality system and loyalty to the tribe will be the first elements that will determine the rest of your journey. Unfortunately, these systems don’t play a big role in the whole thing. Whether you’re a good person or a bad person, it’s just a matter of changing some dialogue. You will not be prevented from interacting or starting fights depending on your moral choice. word-image-4081 The colorful cast of side characters changes some dialogues depending on your position in the world. Tribal loyalty plays a more important role because their influence and goals are somewhat broader. You wage war against other tribes and decide whether their leader joins you or ends up behind bars. This allows you to expand your army, which reduces the number of chance encounters with enemies and gives you access to the tribe’s special weapons. Unfortunately, the tribal plots don’t affect the final plot as much as I had hoped. In fact, a similar statement is common for most parcels. The main storyline can sometimes feel clichéd and leans on typical open world features, such as item quests. Most missions consist of collecting items or destroying a group of enemies. That doesn’t detract from the game, as it was fun to explore the world. Each major region has a world eater that you must kill, but each world eater has its own way of dealing with it. For example, the southwestern world of the Eater is in a hypoxic zone. You’ll need to use a giant mecha to explore the area, but you’ll also need to mine items to upgrade it. You need a special animal to go to the boss’ cave in the northwest. But to lure and tame the moles, you need to collect a number of items. word-image-4082 Googlide gives you many more ways to explore the Southeast region. Yes, my helmet fits on the headrest of the boat. Everything that is well done, every interesting idea, everything that is cool to do, is sadly cast aside in one way or another. This is the essence of biomutant. For every high level, there is an equally low level. Many of the tasks seem distracting, but I was never bored. There was always something distracting me from my search. Help my friendly tribe fight their enemies? Can you defeat the looters who are burning the city? Are you looking for prey in the ruins or in the cave? Collecting resource towers? Attacking a tribal stronghold? Do a few side missions that are close to my path? I just liked being in that world, which is an important aspect of an open-world game. Unfortunately, this struggle has its pros and cons. While you have a whole range of options, there is no one aspect that goes deep enough to fully specialize in. For example, you can’t just focus on really great psi skills. There’s just not enough depth to be in one category. In many role-playing games, I can be a sniper and have a lot of weapon-specific skills. Then I can create a second kind of fight if I want. But if I were to stick to Biomutant’s Dead Eye style, I’d only get a very small selection. That’s why I told you not to worry too much about your grade school class. Eventually you unlock everything, otherwise you would have to make the same five moves over and over again. word-image-4083 Fighting can be as simple as repeating the same moves over and over again, but obviously much less exciting. Maybe also increase the difficulty. I’ll say it again, but for every shortcoming in the gameplay, there’s one I really enjoyed. The combat is fast, there are good combos and the use of multiple styles is fun and easy. If you use three different end combos, you’ll unlock Focus mode, where you can perform additional attacks. You dodge, parry, counterattack and switch in slow motion between melee and weapon skills, mutation and psi skills. It all fits together well, I just would have liked more depth in each category. Psi powers are even tied to your level of good or evil, meaning that depending on how you act, these moves are cut in half. One of my favorite aspects of the game is the crafting. I think if there’s one area that has attracted the most attention, it’s this. Crafting only becomes viable after a few hours of playing and collecting high quality parts. But once the parts and modules were there, I started having fun building ridiculous weapons. Want to make a two-handed weapon with a piston as the handle and a ceiling fan as the blade? Then attach barbed wire and pads for more damage. Each item has its own characteristics, so it is recommended to disassemble the selected weapons and replace the parts. You can make one-handed weapons, two-handed weapons and rifles, as well as pistols, rifles and shotguns. However, it is not possible to create armor, but you will be able to add armor mods. word-image-4084 Making insanely beautiful weapons is a lot of fun. Biomutant embodies this RPG trope where the strangest armor has the best performance. Sure, an armored samurai helmet looks cool, but it’s pretty flimsy compared to this nice rusty duck helmet. This supernatural aesthetic runs like a thread through the game, and I really enjoyed that. The game has a thoughtful art style and design that I love, as well as a huge color palette. You can also tell that Experiment 101 had fun designing the creatures, as they are quirky, in a good way. Everything is spectacular and I switched to photo mode much more often than in most games, even if the graphics aren’t perfect. It’s still a last generation game that hasn’t even been patched for the X series yet. There are a few notable flaws with the visualization. Up close, the textures, especially the fur, look dated. There are gaps and protrusions in all places, and the water leaves much to be desired. There are also some performance issues when it rains in densely populated areas, as well as some strange visual effects. word-image-4085 The Biomutant is also beautiful at night. The sound design is definitely the weakest aspect of Biomutant, but not everything is bad. I like most of the melodies because they add a little playful quirkiness to the quirky visual style. It’s certainly a lighthearted journey into a colorful world. There are several combat paths for encounters and bosses, but unfortunately there is a lack of variety here. I feel like I’ve heard the same tunes many times before. Overall, the sound effects are good enough to not be distracting, but they don’t stand out in any way. The battle sounds have the same effect with the repetitive sounds of collisions and gunfire. None of this is mediocre, but the execution never really captivated me. What I didn’t like at all was the narrator. The voice actor does a good job, but he is used for every dialogue. Experience 101 also uses a second-person perspective, where the narrator speaks on behalf of the characters and interprets their words. Since the creatures use their own language, he translates their speech into English and simply tells them what they are saying. The narrator also talks a lot during the investigation and repeats a lot of dialogue. Fortunately, you can reduce the frequency of using these replicas. Needless to say, the counter was at zero pretty quickly. word-image-4086 I like it when music gives an extra feeling to explore a new area. It’s been a long road for Biomutant, and I’m still impressed with what the team of twenty people has accomplished. I think in many ways Experiment 101 was a little too ambitious with this title, and it ended up being a bit of a disappointment. Instead of focusing on its own individuality, it feels like a compilation of the last decade of open world RPGs. I don’t consider Biomutant a failure because it offered what I expected. An insane role-playing game in a strange environment full of mutant creatures and fun fights. I completely understand. Unfortunately, I also got a lot more than I expected, which diluted the whole thing.

The illustrations are very colorful and unique, creating many moments that made me want to use photo mode. The dense textures, character spacing and water are not very appealing. Biomutant is packed with a lot of game systems, all of which are well implemented. However, there is no single system that goes into depth, which sometimes leads to unsatisfactory results.
The sound design and soundtrack are light and playful and fit well with Biomutant’s sci-fi aesthetic. However, the main characters do not seem very varied and the narrator is sometimes a bit long-winded. In the 60+ hours I’ve played Biomutant, I’ve enjoyed exploring the world and discovering how this wacky post-apocalyptic wasteland full of anthropomorphic civilizations and mutated creatures works. However, his game systems have glaring flaws that leave big moments unsatisfied.
Final decision: 7.0

Biomutant is already available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The test will be done on the Xbox One. A copy of the book Biomutant was provided by the publisher.


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