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Finding an iPhone game that is both fun and challenging proves difficult, especially when you have to compete with a game that was specifically designed to be played by the most user-friendly demographics. The game, Mom Hid My Game! 2, is a great example of the difficulties presented by such an endeavor, and how it can sometimes be improved by a bit of extra effort. The game is designed as a platform for the iPhone, and provides a single player mode. The player must guide a little boy through a series of platform-style levels in order to retrieve his game.

The object of the game is to find your missing Game Boy handheld video game system.

KEMCO is known for releasing an impressive number of JRPGs, but they also release a few other games from time to time. One of those games was Mommy hid my game! – A whimsical collection of mini puzzle games originally released on mobile in 2016 and then ported to 3DS, PS4 and Switch. It was simple, but to the point of absurdity. In a way that only Japanese games, like the Katamari Damacy series, can succeed. Given its simplicity and unexpected success overseas, it was only a matter of time before Kemco Mom Hid My Game! 2 to the west.

Mommy hid my game! 2 just like its predecessor. It’s a series of mini puzzle games in which you, the game-obsessed child, must find your favorite portable console after mom decides to hide it. Probably because you can’t stop for a second.

If I were his mother, I’d sell the damn thing to teach him a lesson.

At first, it’s pretty simple. Your mother may have hidden your game under the couch or in a desk drawer. With each new riddle they get a little more complicated, and soon they begin to get more and more absurd, eventually reaching the point of ridiculousness. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good kind of ridiculous: the kind where a giraffe lands outside your window. Or an elephant that helps you distract your sister long enough for you to slip into her desk drawer and grab your favorite laptop. These examples are rather mild compared to some of the things that come later, but it’s best to experience them without being spoiled.

This is one of the two main reasons you’ll want to play Mommy Hides My Game! 2 : A chance to experience the creative madness that was in vogue at the time of the PS1 games. The other main reason is that mom will catch you if you do something wrong on any level. The game even encourages you to do so, eventually giving you a golden PSN trophy once you’ve unlocked all the bug sequences.

You can already imagine that this game is pretty short. You can complete all fifty puzzles in about an hour and a half, with the total play time rising to two hours if you choose to actively fail each level to earn an extra mummy-related trophy. It’s also clearly meant to be played on a touchscreen, as all gameplay is cursor-based, but that doesn’t mean the controls are bad. Instead, the cursor moves at a reasonable speed, and the developers have included shortcuts that can be accessed by pressing certain buttons on the front of the PS4. This may sound a little strange, but that doesn’t mean it’s cumbersome.

In one of the levels you have to control a drone which is an homage to the game Flappy Bird.

Finally, the game looks and sounds exactly like its predecessors, with a continuous loop of melody that is memorable, but becomes very annoying after a while. You can unlock a few more songs in the game though, but they are meant to be listened to outside of the main puzzle mode. The overall graphics of the game are silly and simple, with very repetitive backgrounds, but the sheer ridiculousness of the art style is too charming to be bothered by.

Mommy hid my game! 2 may be short and sometimes overly simplistic, but this charming piece of quirkiness is still a fun way to spend a few hours. Especially if you miss the absurd experimental games that came out decades ago in Japan. It’s entertaining, sometimes clever in its puzzles, and most of all very funny.

The blue backgrounds are boring and repetitive, but the cheap art style combined with the ridiculousness of the game with each new level is fascinating. Simple and easy to solve microgames, with quite intuitive controls, even though it is obvious that the game is designed for a touch screen system.
The chiptune soundtrack is undeniably catchy, but after a while it does get very repetitive. This game is more complicated than it looks. Sure, it’s simple and short, but it’s entertaining, sometimes clever, and most of all incredibly absurd, as only Japanese games can do.
Final decision: 7.0

Mommy hid my game! 2 is already available on PS4 and Switch.

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A copy of the book Mama hid my game! 2 was provided by the publisher.


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