Silence and Squall Nerf, Whisper of Torment Bug Fix

This week the news was hijacked by a classic Blizzard trope: a patch that turned out to be a lot more serious than initially announced. The 2.4.3 patch turned out to be one of the biggest in years, with a list of fixes that went on for pages. We even got a few class changes, with the biggest of those being a nerf to Silence and Squall, which both saw their damage output reduced by approximately 10%.

Blizzard has released a new patch for World of Warcraft which fixes a few bugs and gives players a much needed buff to two of the classes’ melee specs. The patch also includes a few much needed tweaks to classes and specs that have been over performing, as well as some nerfs to two of the most overpowered specs of the moment.

Bungie is ready for the Season of the SPlicer update, an update that balances many of the Guardians’ abilities. Destiny 2 Season 14, or Splicer Season, is coming up soon, and Bungie has released some preliminary patches for the 3.2.0 update, which will be released on May 11 at 1 p.m. ET.

Guardians who are primary fighters will notice a slight reduction in the power of the Stass subclass or the Silence and Squall superclasses, which have a reduced radius.

On the other hand, Titans can no longer exploit the bug that allows them to cause whispers of misery while standing in the enemy barricade. Here’s a rundown of the patches in Bungie’s Destiny 2 3.2.0 update.

Destiny 2 Update 3.2.0 Notes

Possibilities, aspects and fragments

Support for the colour blind

Stasis skills now have support for colorblindness:

  • Enemy Crystals
  • Enemy barricade
  • The dark field of the enemy
  • Enemy Bleach Observer
  • Player marking in the Crucible now supports colorblinds.

Tuning subclass


  • The detonation radius of the Silence and Burst gel has been reduced from 12 m to 8.5 m.
  • The enemy barrage now has a red ring defining its range of approach.


  • The energy of the Quake melee attack is now restored when the Ice Quake ends.
  • Fixed an issue where players could summon whispers of pain while standing on an enemy’s barricade.



  • The Gloomy Guardian aspect now gives two slots for fragments.

Achieving chaos

  • Corrected by
  •  problem with Chaos Reach Super, causing some
  • Walls or thin objects are enough to damage and kill enemies on the other side.
  • Page.
  • Separate bounties and quests in browse mode.
  • All prices are now displayed in the navigation mode. As a result, players can no longer follow them.
  • You can now control the category change with the keyboard and mouse using the scroll wheel.
  • The tracked Triumph will now appear in its own category in Nav mode.


  • Captions have been added to the Scene Notes tab.
  • You’ll find the glass vault here in a few weeks…..
  • Added a shortcut between quest step notifications in the HUD and the quest detail screen for keyboard and mouse users.
  • Crucible 6v6 matches have a revamped entry experience.
  • View the activity-related statistics you record about your team members.


  • H.E.L.M. now appears on the Director’s Destination tab (moved from the Tower map) and has its own map.
  • Focused umbral engrams and prismatic rearrangement
  • Umbral engrams are now automatically decoded when you focus with the prismatic recaster.
  • The visual states of the focus options on the prismatic recaster have been streamlined to reduce visual clutter and confusion.

Glory, heroism and infamy

Unified reputation tracking for Glory, Valor and Infamy ranks.

  • Website
  •  Subgroups are now simply called ranks, and all their uses were
  • transformed to be used as needed. (i.e. all life values and
  • The objectives of the search are multiplied by three).
  • Glory playlists no longer block the reduction of Valor’s win streak.
  • The Valor icon now appears on the test home screen.
  • Infamy’s win bonus is now linear (+35 points per win).
  • The Glory Series victory bonus is now linear (+20 points per win).


  • Filtering the Everaver archives
  • Players can now easily filter offers in the Archive tab of the store screen.
  • By popular demand from the community, we have added many exotic weapon and armor decorations from previous seasons to the Archives tab.
  • Illuminated engrams
  • Spawn effects and shaders are now separate elements in Bright Engrams.
  • The light engrams can no longer be decoded into duplicates of these elements.
  • A small amount of flicker can be obtained when transcribing light engrams.

General questions…

  • Momentum Control and Team Scorched are back and will be available as part of the weekly playlist rotation.
  • Added recurring rewards for Khan’s spaceport show.
  • Fixed an issue where domed equipment was not falling properly in some loot lists.
  • A full set of armor mods centered around the tracer gun has been added to the game.

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