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Sea of Thieves is an ambitious game that sets players on a journey through the ‘Pirate Legend’ with its rather unique take on pirate life. As part of this journey, players are tasked to defeat any enemies they encounter and collect treasure along the way.

The “sea of thieves best ship skins” is a list that ranks the best-looking hulls in Sea Of Thieves. The author has ranked them from 1 to 10.

The way you adorn your spacecraft reveals more about you to other crew members than you may know.

What paint is splattered on the sides of a ship might give you a decent sense of how experienced a crew is (or even their goals).

However, this is a pirate game. So they are more like recommendations than regulations…

However, you should be wary if you see a ship with a complete black and gold reaper paint job!

But don’t worry if you’re worried about the bizarre signals you’ve been sending over the oceans! That was then, this is now, and these are the most attractive hulls in Sea of Thieves.


Sailor Hull (15.)

N/A (not available) N/A is the location of the store.

You could assume that beginning the list with the starting hull is a cop-out… But bear with me!

Every ship loads with the Sailor Hull, which is an unpainted hull. And it sends the message to other players that you’ve just arrived and have nothing worth taking – or that you’re a new player and this is all you’ve got… However, there is a catch.

Some seasoned players are unconcerned with the appearance of their ship. Some would even go so far as to disguise themselves as a newbie.

After all, this is a pirate game!

So, word to the wise, be wary of any ship approaching you, whether it’s ‘basic’ or not.


Hull’s Mayhem

Mayhem Hull Skin in Sea of Thieves

N/A (not available) N/A is the location of the store.

This hull (along with the rest of the ship set) was given out as part of a Borderlands and Sea of Thieves collaboration, which no one saw coming.

The set is fantastic, however it ranks at the bottom of the list since it is no longer accessible (as of this writing).

Mayhem Hull, on the other hand, may not be the best match for the game’s concept. The brilliant red and yellow, on the other hand, are undeniably striking.

Borderlands isn’t subtle, and the aesthetics are no exception, with the famous ‘Vault’ emblem boldly emblazoned on either side of the hull.


13. Phantom Hull Shackled

Shackled Phantom Hull Skin in Sea of Thieves

N/A (not available) N/A is the location of the store.

This hull is stunning, however, like the Mayhem set, it’s low on the priority list since it was a limited-time cosmetic with no indication of when or if it would be reintroduced.

Despite this, the Shackled Phantom Hull is worth mentioning because of its eerie green light that shines out against the generally dull paint job.

During Season 2, this was an unique Pirate Legend award. So fingers crossed that people who desire it will be able to get it in the future.

Because, let’s face it, who doesn’t want a ship that glows in the dark?


Duke Hull, No. 12

Duke Hull Skin in Sea of Thieves

N/A (not available) N/A is the location of the store.

A spacecraft with an Xbox motif simply shouldn’t function…

However, here we are.

If you were fortunate enough to obtain an Xbox Series S/X before November 2021, you’ll be able to get the Duke Hull (and the ship set).

With the famous green and jet black color scheme, and the green markings towards the front that form a clever ‘X’ shape when seen from the appropriate angle, the hull pays tribute to the original Xbox system!


Hull, Eternal Freedom, No. 11

Eternal Freedom Hull Skin in Sea of Thieves

349 dollars Coins from the past Pirate Emporium is the name of the store.

You can’t do much better than this if you’re just attempting to create the darkest ship possible in the hopes of creating a stealthy murder boat.

The Pirates Of The Caribbean themed ship set includes the Eternal Freedom Hull. And, although the game has a lot of dark hulls, this is definitely the darkest.

It’s ideal if you want to use Reaper’s Hideout as a nighttime hunting area – or if you want to pose a threat from the shadows.


Hull, Wild Rose No. 10

Wild Rose Hull Skin in Sea of Thieves

The cost is $100. Doubloons Shop Shipwright Shop is the location.

If you spend any time in Sea of Thieves, you’ll notice the Wild Rose set a lot, and for good reason.

This is accessible right now if you’re willing to part up the Doubloons.

And when combined with the rest of the set, your ship will be one of the most elegant on the server.

The rich crimson and gold color palette of the full set is quite popular. Even though flowers aren’t on the hull, if you utilize all of the pieces, your ship will be covered with roses.

No matter how long you’ve been playing, this is a terrific set to work for.


Hull, Merchant Alliance No. 9

Merchant Alliance Hull Skin in Sea of Thieves

Merchant Alliance Cost: 69,550 Gold Shop Location:

In Sea of Thieves, each of the three major factions has a hull that you may unlock after achieving level 70 in that faction.

However, I believe the Merchant Alliance one is the most appealing.

This characteristic blue and gold pattern, simply dubbed the “Merchant Alliance Hull,” is only accessible to individuals who have pushed themselves to the bone to ensure on-time delivery!

Getting to level 70 with the Merchant Alliance will take a long time no matter how you go about it.

And there’s a high possibility you’ll be a Pirate Legend long before you acquire this.


Hull of a Killer Whale

The Killer Whale Hull Skin in Sea of Thieves

2100 dollars Shop for Gold The Hunter’s Call is a location in the game The Hunter’s Call.

It’s often not the price of a cosmetic that makes it desirable, but rather the effort required to get it.

And the Killer Whale Hull is an excellent illustration of this.

Because you’ll need to attain Level 25 with the Hunter’s Call to get your hands on this. Because the Hunter’s Call only accepts Fish and Mermaid Gems, this will take some time.

I realize this isn’t the most exciting option on our list.

However, this hull (together with the rest of the Killer Whale collection) demands admiration on the high seas.

Seriously, anybody who has fished alone near a shipwreck in a storm understands what it’s like.


7. The Magnificent Sea Dog Hull

Glorious Sea Dog Hull Skin in Sea of Thieves

69,550 dollars Shop for Gold Shipwright Shop is the location.

This is a more colorful option if you like the excitement of fighting but don’t want to deck out your ship in ‘Reaper Style.’

When you achieve Level 10 with the Sea Dogs, you will get the Glorious Sea Dog Hull.

Level 10 shouldn’t take long for even the most inexperienced player. You also earn a great red and blue hull as a reward for your efforts, demonstrating your will to fight.

A fantastic prize for dipping your toes into the Arena.


Hull of the Thriving Wild Rose

Thriving Wild Rose Hull Skin in Sea of Thieves

The price is 330,750 dollars. Shop for Gold Shipwright Shop is the location.

You could do a lot worse than this tiny piece if you’re looking for something unusual yet tasteful.

The Thriving Rose Hull is a lovely dark pink and purple color scheme, and it’s not too difficult to obtain — if you can afford its expensive price tag!

After achieving every commendation in the Wild Rose Tall Tale, you may buy this hull and the set it belongs to.

As a result, you’ll have to finish the story at least five times! I hope you don’t mind hearing about the terrible love tale in Sea of Thieves.


5. Sunken Sorrow’s Hull

Hull of Sunken Sorrow Skin in Sea of Thieves

N/A (not available) N/A is the location of the store.

The Pirates of the Caribbean material included some fantastic Tall Tales, as well as a quite nice ship set if you’re willing to work for it.

The Hull of Sunken Sorrow is colorful, vivid, and multicolored, and it sticks out among the game’s other hulls.

But the greatest thing is that it’s absolutely free, as long as you put in the effort.

To get this hull, you’ll need to finish the Lords of the Sea Tall Tale and get every commendation.


4. Hull’s Tribute Peak

Tribute Peak Hull Skin in Sea of Thieves

N/A (not available) N/A is the location of the store.

You should definitely check out the Emissary Ledger prizes if you haven’t already.

Because with a little effort, you can get some amazing cosmetics, such as this one!

The Tribute Peak Hull, which comes in a stunning dark green and gleaming gold color scheme, is an excellent option for your ship.

The paint seems to be flaking away, exposing a dazzling gold below… I’m not sure whether they’re attempting to hide the gold or not. These are the kinds of questions you don’t want to ask in Sea of Thieves.

The hull is granted for attaining ‘Marauder Tier’ with the Gold Hoarders, for those of you who are chasing this out.


Hull, the Masked Renegade

Masked Renegade Hull Skin in Sea of Thieves

N/A (not available) N/A is the location of the store.

If you loved the Tribute Peak Hull, you should know that the Gold Hoarders aren’t the only group offering a nice hull.

The Masked Renegade, for example, is a reward for working on your Reaper Emissary value.

And if you succeed, you’ll be rewarded with this terrible black and gold beast that seems bloodstained from afar.

For Sea of Thieves, it could be a touch too brutal. So maybe the red is really red streaks and symbols when you look closely… Isn’t it?


2. The Hull of the Dark Adventurer

Dark Adventurer's Hull Skin in Sea of Thieves

Gold price: $8,268,750 Athena’s Fortune Shipwright is the location of the shop.

Do you want to see the game’s most costly cosmetic?

Allow me to demonstrate.

The most costly equipment in Sea of Thieves, the Dark Adventurer’s Hull, is linked with sails from this same set (as of this writing).

If you like black makeup, you’ll probably fall in love with everything. Just keep in mind that your pocketbook will not be pleased!

The full set costs 75 million gold, which requires hundreds of hours of saving, no matter how skilled you are.

You won’t be able to acquire this hull until you achieve Pirate Legend, and if you do, you’ll be chased.

And your assailants will be skilled gamers seeking for a fight.


1. The Ashen Dragon’s Hull

Hull of the Ashen Dragon Skin in Sea of Thieves

N/A (not available) N/A is the location of the store.

This shimmering hull is perhaps the most popular in the game, and it’s easy to understand why.

At first glimpse, the Ashen Dragon’s Hull gives off a blazing light. And the crevices between the boards seem to be straining to prevent a fire from spilling forth.

This hull is, without a doubt, breathtaking at night. And, good news, it’s also very simple to unlock!

There are no specific requirements other than beating the Heart of Fire Tall Tale. If you make it all the way to the finish, you’ll be the happy owner of your very own luminous spacecraft.

Sea of Thieves is a pirate-themed video game that was released on March 20th, 2018. The game has a variety of different hulls to choose from and some are better than others. This list ranks the best looking hulls in Sea of Thieves. Reference: sea of thieves all hulls.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Hull in sea of thieves?

A: The best hull for sea of thieves is a caravel. They are fast and agile, but they only have one cannon mount which deals low damage to other ships.

What is the best set in sea of thieves?

A: There are many good sets in Sea of Thieves, but one that is unique and effective for a pirate crew would be the two long cannons from The Deluge. These guns have a fire rate of 3 shots per second and their projectiles naturally curve up into the air after being fired.

How do I make my ship look cool in sea of thieves?

A: The ships aesthetics in Sea of Thieves are well designed and easy to customize. You can change the colors, add decals or even paint your own designs on its sails!

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