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In Final Fantasy VI, magic-users had a lot more tactical options than in previous games. A character could learn magic from one magical school, and then use items that could cast spells from another school. This meant that when building a party, you could mix and match your party members in a lot of ways. In that spirit, this list will focus on the 20 characters with the most useful Espers in the game, taking into account their personal stats and the spells they can learn from the Esper.

With six main characters to choose from in Final Fantasy VI, you have a lot of options to pick from when building your party. While many of the characters have their own strengths and weaknesses, some of them will be better at dealing damage, while others will have a leg up in the healing department. Similarly, some characters will be better at what they do depending on their level, equipment, and magic. You’ll want to make sure you’re choosing a party that will work well together, so you can beat the game in a timely manner.

Espers are the entire magic system of Final Fantasy VI.

When you reach a certain stage of the game and start getting them as Magicites, you are faced with the question of who to assign them to in order to learn their magic and get a stat increase.

Magic is learned by earning AP, also known as action points, during battles.

Each Esper then adds a multiplier for each spell – some with x10 and some with a low x1.

You can get a total of 31 Esper in FF6. And while they all have their benefits, there are a few that you may find necessary for your party.

In this ranking, I talk about the best FF6 espers that every member should be inspired by!

15. Phantom

Phantom was a complicated esper.

But after a full analysis, I think it deserves 15th place.

His spells are not very useful, with the exception of Disappear, which is fantastically useful and is used in a number of destructive strategies. Plus, his bonus isn’t that scary!

Proverbs: Gravity – x5, Berserk – x3, Disappearance – x3
Level Up Bonus: MP +10%.

14. Bismarck

Bismarck is one of the first Espers you get.

And it is immediately the most used!

You can quickly switch your entire party to elemental spells and give them access to elevation, which is very handy in times of need.

You’ll probably want to learn the damage spells as soon as possible, and then maybe do a second rotation for Raise.

Proverbs: Thunder – x20, Fire – x20, Blizzard – x20, Rise – x2
level increase: Power +2

13. Fenrir

Then we have the mighty Fenrir!

I’d say the Fenrir spells are pretty good, and this is one of the few ways to learn the Banish spell.

But you’ll probably mostly use Fenrir for the huge MP boost he gives when you level up.

Proverbs: Teleportation – x10, Exile – x5, Halt – x3
Level Up : MP +30%.

12. A

I know this will confuse some people, because yes, Odin has an awesome summoning spell called Zantetsuken.

But this list is about the benefits to your characters.

You offer an x1 spell.

So while he’s strong, there are other Esper’s that you should make a priority for your group’s overall combat advantage – that’s why he’s on this list.

Spell: Meteor – x1
Level Up Bonus : Agility +1

11. Lakshmi

Lakshmi gives you all the HP recovery spells in the game and is one of the two Espers your Kuraga group can train.

And I think it’s clearly an indispensable spell for the endgame!

And while Kuraga is the main stone, Lakshmi has a learning factor of x1 – which is very low compared to all the other healing spells she offers.

As such, you may need to swap this Esper several times in your group to use other spells before attacking the Curaga.

Proverbs: Healing – x25, Rain – x20, Esuna – x20, Curaga – x1, Cura – x16
Level Up Bonus: Stamina +2

10. Crusader

The Crusader is a fan favorite, but usually gets shot down pretty late in the game.

His Meltdown spell has a vicious power. And I say disgusting because it harms both your enemies and your allies.

But perhaps the real treasure here is the other magic it offers, and its very tasty level-up bonus.

I think the Crusader has its weaknesses. But he can certainly strengthen a party’s weaknesses just when you need them.

Proverbs: Meteor – x10, Fusion – x1
Level Bonus: MP + 50

9. Madoin

Maduin is essentially the bigger and stronger cousin of Bismarck, who casts elemental spells of average level, but is much slower.

It’s best to give them to Celes or Terra as soon as possible – they are born witches and can use these spells from the start, while the others are introduced by Bismarck.

Be sure to check the PM rate, as the cost may surprise you at first.

Proverbs: Tundara – x3, Fira – x3, Blizzara – x3 Level
Upgrade Bonus: Magic +1

8. carbuncle

I’ll be honest: I love the sound of this esper’s name.

It rolls off the tongue! Kahrr-BUN-kell!

But aside from my name preference, this is an absolutely fantastic esper.

It is one of the first Espers you keep and is used to strengthen your group and ensure safety.

Haste, Shell and Protect are definitely a must. But the stone in the lid is a reflection.

You will probably want each member of the group to have a reflector. And since you’re wielding the thing anyway, you can get the rest of the spells.

There isn’t a single bad spell in his book!

Proverbs: Reflection – x5, Acceleration – x3, Protection – x2, Armor – x2, Teleportation – x2
Level Up Bonus: No

7. Quetzalli

After Carbuncle, this Esper strengthens your buffs.

Ketzalli is the only way to learn the powerful Hasteg and Sloog spells in FF6.

And both are great options that target entire parties (either yours or your enemies’).

The fact that any member of the group can use these spells is a blessing. Even if the learning curve was x1, I’d still say: Go ahead.

Proverbs: Acceleration – x20, Deceleration – x20, Hovering – x5, Hastega – x2, Deceleration – x2
Level Up Bonus: No

6. Bahamut

Bahamut appears in almost every game in the Final Fantasy series, and his iconic Flare attack should not be missing from any list.

And in FF6, Bahamut offers great utility in the form of Flare, which does a lot of damage to a single target.

And the upgrade bonus offered here will definitely put a smile on your face!

I’d like to say more, but as we all know, Bahamut needs no explanation. It’s just amazing.

Spell: Lightning – x2
Level Up Bonus : HP +50%.

5. Valigarmanda

At the top of our list is this little favorite.

Valigarmanda teaches your group the most powerful elemental spells, albeit slowly.

But all good comes to those who wait, for these spells are deadly to most enemies. So it’s worth a lot to keep.

Non-elemental spells can be the most valuable in terms of utility. But if the opponent is weak against any of these elements, a quick thunder/fire/ice attack is always useful.

Proverbs: Thundaga – x1, Firaga – x1, Blizzaga – x1
Level Up Bonus: Magic +2

4. Alexander

Mighty Alexander.

So Alexander has some very useful protection and shield spells, but you probably already have those.

But what about Dispel?

Dispel removes enemy buffs and even some of the worse debuffs from your group. But is the Dispel really enough to be at the top of this list?

Not really.

But we must also consider Alexander’s ability: the almighty saint!

There is no doubt that every group member should have this tool in their toolbox, and you should try to use it immediately!

Many bosses and enemies are weak against Saint, so it’s worth taking the time to learn it.

Proverbs: Esuna – x15, Banish – x10, Shooter – x10, Tank – x10, Holy – x2
Level Up Bonus: No

3. Catoblepas

Catoblepas is one of the first espers you can get.

And yes, it really deserves a place in the top 3!

The spells he offers may seem out of place in the esper you get so early in the game. But don’t let that stop you.

Organic is definitely in order. I mean, I’ve never personally used it, but Break (and then Death) are both part of that series?

Come on, these are must-haves!

Proverbs: Bio – x8, Tear – x5, Death – x2
level up bonus : HP +10%.

2. Phoenix

Here’s another icon of the Final Fantasy series.

And in FF6, Phoenix is an absolutely indispensable esper. And I really mean you should have it!

It is the only other Esper that offers the Curaga spell, but it also gives you Arise and Re-Raise.

I guarantee you’ll find it useful in many future games (especially with more difficult bosses).

Phoenix esper conclusion: Don’t leave home without it.

Proverbs: Raise – x10, Firaga – x3, Curaga – x2, Arise – x2, Reraise – x1
Level Up Bonus: No

1. Ragnarok

Can another Esper take over the top spot?

When you first meet Ragnarok, you are faced with a choice:

Esper in the shape of a Magicite or in the shape of a sword.

It’s a difficult choice.

The sword can be transformed into the most powerful weapon in the game, the Lightbringer. However, this means you lose the chance to help your group explore Ultima.

Ultima has overwhelming power and is impossible to block despite its high MP cost.

It’s a tough choice, but it also depends on how you play.

The weapon… or the magic idol…

But what’s a role-playing game without choices, right?

Sidenote: The Paladin’s Shield can also train Ultima, but this side quest doesn’t take much time. And that means taking extra time to get a plate. Learning Ultima in the form of Magicite can significantly speed up this process.

Proverbs: Ultima – x1 Level
Upgrade Bonus : No

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