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I have a lot of games, and one of my favorite things to do when I’m not gaming, is to look at the games I have and think about how to make the collection better. I look at the games I own and think of ways I can add new games, or find more games to add, or games to upgrade when I get them. I also own a lot of games, and as such many of them are duplicates. I have a lot of copies of the same game, and sometimes I can’t decide which one to keep, or which one to sell. I would also like to have a section that I can use to sell some of the games I don’t need anymore, so I can get some money back.

“The Ultimate Collection” by Matt Pierce is a series of reviews of some of the greatest PC games ever made, and is presented in a way that makes for a great read. There are short introductions, a few pages of text that cover the basics, a break to let the personal enjoyment begin, and then the review proper. This allows readers to get to know the author a bit, and they’ll begin to feel that they know him and trust him.

At games-freak, we have a passion for gaming, both as a hobby and as a means to pass time and relax. Gaming has become more than a pastime for us, it’s a lifestyle. So, we have made a commitment to document our journeys as gamers with our extensive collection of games. Each of our collections is a little different and has its own set of challenges, but if you’re a gamer, you’ll know exactly why we’ve written up this collection about our favorite games.. Read more about the ultimate collection windows and let us know what you think.My Little Pony is one of the most popular children’s series of the last four decades. The series has recently attracted a whole new generation of viewers, but still offers a warm and fuzzy nostalgia to fans of the original series. Colorful and vibrant, it’s no surprise that MLP-themed items are a great addition to kids’ rooms and living rooms in The Sims 4. We have selected the best of them, so don’t doubt they are in play if you are looking for a good MLP CC.

My Little Pony Poster

Check out this AC. Show your love for MLP with these My Little Pony posters from Juanni84. This set of four posters features the characters from the series: Apple Jack, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy. We love this color scheme because it brings just the right amount of color without overpowering the rest of the room. There are even pins in all the corners of the poster, giving this poster a realistic family look.

Princess Cadence Hair

word-image-7149 Check out this AC. Fans of Princess Cadence will love Lavonosa CC’s custom hairstyle. This pastel hairstyle features long, flowing, multicolored locks inspired by the colors of Princess Cadence’s mane – yellow, pink and purple. There are also specimens of the pink, purple and pink-purple mix – four specimens in all. Don’t forget to load the grid before you try it.

My Little PonyTop Baby

word-image-7150 Check out this AC. Let your little Sims show their love for MLP with this personalized top for your little ones. This four-piece placemat from the creator of Ororizo features all your favorite characters in the bright, bold colors they’re known for. The sleeves are puffy, and there’s even a pretty bow at the neckline. And since this shirt is a transfer from a basic shirt, you don’t need your own packs to use it!

My Little Pony bedroom set for TS4

word-image-7151 Check out this AC. Posters are one thing, but what about a bedroom set? Yes, this MLP CC custom set is for the biggest fans of the series. Beds, rugs, wall stickers, pillows, curtains…. and that’s just some of what’s included. It is important to note that this game uses assets from Parenthood, Kids Stuffm and Toddler Stuff, so make sure you own those games before adding them to your game.

My Little Pony Skin Overlay Set

word-image-7152 Check out this AC. If you’ve always wanted to dress up your older Sims in MLP costumes, now’s your chance. This My Little Pony movie set of Crowface features 12 characters from the series, including Princess Celestia, Applejack, Shining Armor and Queen Crystalis. All CCs seem to be compatible with Maxis games, and there is no mention of packages needed to use them. These are great options for both a fantasy world and an elaborate Day of Fear costume.

MLP Horse ears

word-image-7153 Check out this AC. If the previous post was too detailed for you, check out Cocobuzz’s MLP horse ears. Those cute low-hanging ears look more like something you’d find in a costume shop than in a prosthetics salon. There are a total of six sets of ears for six characters, including Rainbow Dash and Rarity. And it can be worn by YA sims and above. You’ll find it in the sunglasses category, and it’s part of a collection that includes MLP-inspired outfits. So check out this whole series if you’re interested.

My Pretty Pony figurines

word-image-7154 Check out this AC. There is a certain group of simulators that have real life inspired experiences in their games, but no real product. This is what the MLP figurines from PrismaPlanet represent: A set of 14 majestic multi-colored horses that look very much like MLP, but are not a direct copy. The toy is not only great for the Maxis game, but it is also fully functional to play with. If you like the idea of an MLP franchise in The Sims, this CC pack is definitely worth a look.

My Little Pony room

word-image-7155 Check out this AC. Another MLP bedroom set? Yes – three, to be exact, and they’re all equally awesome. VictorMiguell’s CC set includes three unique styles of bedroom sets (pink, blue and purple), each with 14 unique items. The set includes a bed, a shelf, a toy chest, an activity table and a binder, and the number of designs ranges from one to twenty. They are HQ style, but do not conflict with the look of the game – and are compatible with the base game.

Sweet Dreams Children’s room furniture set

word-image-7156 Check out this AC. It’s never too early to make My Little Pony fans. This Sweet Dreams nursery from Sanjana even includes four pieces of furniture in cartoon style. But it’s My Little Pony that we’re happy to share in this list. The yellow and pink room has some cute items we don’t have yet, like a changing table and a cute crib with curtains. We counted at least 11 individual pieces here, but there may be more, and there are at least five models just for this set. Honestly, there are too many great things to describe here. So don’t hesitate to ask if you want to build a personalized nursery.

My Little Pony Beds

word-image-7157 Check out this AC. If all the My Little Pony stuff in your child’s room is too much, don’t worry. MissRatata’s custom MLP beds are simple and cute. You’ll find a crib with 12 different bed covers, each representing a specific MLP character. It may be just the touch your child’s room needs to show their love for the series without the room becoming a sanctuary. There are also two other Recolor series, if you’re interested.

My Little Pony Create-A-Pet

word-image-7158 Check out this AC. Wait. The real My Little Ponies? Not really. But thanks to the power of Create-A-Pet and CC creator TheAllegedSimmer, they still turned out really cute. As you know, Cats and Dogs has only given us… Well, cats and dogs (and raccoons, for some reason). We don’t have horses, but with a little creativity and quality control you can go a long way. This set includes Pinkie Pie, Shutterfly, Apple Jack, Twilight Sparkle and Rarity, made with CAP for Dogs. You have to download the CC that the creator used (you can download it here), but otherwise it’s fine.There is no doubt that there is a ton of games available for the 3DS, but which are the best? And which games are truly great? We found the games that we think are the best, and we will compare each one side by side to see which one truly are.. Read more about the ultimate collection black sabbath and let us know what you think.

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