This Week At Bungie 7/29/2021

Bungie has been working on the next DLC for Destiny 2, and that’s what everyone is talking about right now. There have been some big updates to the game’s multiplayer, and it’s now being sold at a reduced price.

Bungie has been working hard to get the new Destiny 2 roadmap out into the world. They are working hard to improve the community and to prepare for the Destiny 2.1.2 release. Some of the highlights from the roadmap includes: “Destiny 2.1.2: fixed update issue with the latest Destiny 2 House of Wolves DLC.” “Destiny 2.1.2: fixed issue where the first time you attempt to send a Fireteam invite to a Guardian, it will prompt you to join a Fireteam to complete your first mission.” “Destiny 2.1.2: fixed bug where players could not see their own armor ornaments in the Collections window.” “Destiny 2.1.2

This week at Bungie, we’re excited to announce the start of the next phase of Destiny 2. The development team is hard at work making updates to match what you’ve already seen of a new social space in the game: The Tower. Bungie is also partnering with Twitch on new content for Twitch Prime members.


At Bungie, we’re starting to get ready for Cross Play this week!

The TWAB is back with another episode. Before the unveiling on August 24, we have four more of them! Isn’t it true that we only have four? Is this one among them? Oh my goodness. We still have some work to do.

Let’s start with something that’s currently happening in the game. Heroes’ Solstice. Next Tuesday, August 3rd, our annual Solstice event will come to a close. You have just over five days to accomplish your armor goals. White glows have no time limit, so if you’re still collecting orbs (and completing tasks), take your time. The glows’ dungeons, raids, and competitive Crucible goals may be performed at any time.

Image Link aSIds2C - This Week At Bungie 7/29/2021 imgur

Are you still with me? Cool. Let’s take a peek into the future. We conducted a test for this a few months ago, but we’re excited to offer additional information about Cross Play, an upcoming feature that players have been requesting since Destiny originally launched.

Cross-Play is on the way!

Cross Play comes to life in Season 15. Guardians on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Stadia will be able to form fireteams to combat the Darkness. No matter the platform, boundaries will be breached and new connections will be formed.

The Cross-Playing Group is giving a brief tour of Cross Play as we prepare for liftoff. How do you add friends to your account? What will the matching process entail? What will the user interface look like? Below you’ll find a slew of answers! We’ll have some screenshots to assist you navigate the user interface so you know what to anticipate when it launches. Note that although the samples will be in English, the Cross Play UI will be available in all supported languages. Let’s get started without further ado.

Team for Cross Play: There are significant changes in the horizon. This book is so large that I suggest having a snack before beginning it. Are you already back? So, let’s get started.

This is what we’ll talk about:

  • Your Guardian’s Real Name
  • Changes in Naming
  • Bungie’s Pals
  • Multiplayer and Fireteam Invites
  • Privacy
  • Matchmaking in Cross-Play
  • Communication between games
  • The Roadmap for Cross-Play

But first and foremost, you deserve to be thanked!

We bridged the platform streams early in Season 14 and asked you to take part in a three-day Vanguard Strikes Cross Play matchmaking beta. Our objectives were to demonstrate early versions of our matchmaking improvements as well as to evaluate platform connection for gaming. A large number of Guardians responded to the request and assisted us in testing the backend of this forthcoming functionality. As it turned out, we may have made a mistake. 1392286577187905540?ref bad-src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1392286577187905540%7Ctwgr%5E%7Ctwcon%5Es1 &ref url=https%3A%2F%2Fstadiasource - This Week At Bungie 7/29/2021

Unintentionally opened door… oops. We weren’t the only ones who were overjoyed to finally embrace our long-lost cross-platform pals in-game, even if we had to turn it off. Thank you for joining us on this adventure. You contributed to the community’s trust in what we’re providing in Season 15: complete Cross Play across all Destiny 2 platforms.

Who Am I?

We soon realized we had a Guardian identity problem in a Cross Play environment that also supported Cross Save.

We didn’t want your Guardian’s name to vary depending on where you logged in the game. This seems to go against the concept of who you are in the new Destiny community. Even more worrisome, we didn’t want your friends’ and clan members’ names to vary depending on where they logged in. Keeping a who’s-who cheat sheet with your pals’ names didn’t satisfy our low standard for Cross Play.

As a result, we’re changing everyone’s name to an identity that will be consistent across all platforms where you play. This is what we’re naming your Bungie Name. While this will result in a one-time renaming, we believe it will benefit everyone in the long term. Bungie Names will function and look like this:

  • PlayerName#1234 is the “Bungie Name.”
  • PlayerName is the “display name.”
  • # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #
  • 1234 is the “Numeric ID.”

In the Roster screen, here’s an example of a player tooltip surrounded by players from several platforms:

Image Link xGlpAbz - This Week At Bungie 7/29/2021 imgur

And here’s an illustration of how players will appear in the Tower:

Bungie Name Above Guardian - This Week At Bungie 7/29/2021

Image Link 6Er24CL - This Week At Bungie 7/29/2021 imgur

What’s in a Name, Anyway?

All player names will be subjected to a character filtering and objectionable word moderation procedure as part of the development of Bungie Names. To begin, we’ll remove any characters that we can’t show in the game or that can’t be entered into the player search box using console virtual keyboards. This implies that some of the expanded character sets we’ve enabled for Steam player names will no longer work. We’ll miss you, Guardian, but we’d want your console pals to be able to locate you via player search.

Cross Play Log in Screen - This Week At Bungie 7/29/2021

Image Link NEtuHUR - This Week At Bungie 7/29/2021 imgur

Players may wind up with empty names or names that result in inappropriate words as a consequence of these characters being removed. If your character’s name is missing or contains a moderated word, the name “Guardian” will appear above his or her head. While a name change option will not be available at launch, we are working hard to provide you an early version of this feature this winter. We strongly advise that you think about what name you’d want to use in Destiny 2 as soon as possible, as we don’t want you to be trapped with a handle you don’t like when the name change option launches.

In Me, You’ve Got Friends

Bungie’s roster has always been a crucial component of our games. We wanted Cross Play to provide the same easy experience regardless of where your buddies were playing. To make this possible, we developed Bungie Friends, a platform-bridging mechanism. We didn’t want to complicate things too much, so you’ll still find all of your pals in a single list. We’ve also included a platform filter to make it a little simpler to locate a particular buddy. Only your friends who are signed onto the same platform as you may view them.

In Destiny 2, you’ve always been able to have clan members on different platforms, but now that Cross Play is live, you’ll be able to see who’s online and team up to win your clan rewards. In your clan, perhaps, you’ll make some new pals.

It’s the one where you meet up with your friends.

Cross Play without a simple method to add new pals isn’t going to work. As a result, there are three distinct methods to add your Bungie Friends from all platforms.

  • Log into Destiny 2 on the device where you’d want to convert platform buddies to Bungie Friends, and then send requests via our Roster panel.
  • On the Invite screen, use the player search to find your pals.
  • Use the friends finder to connect all of your platforms and then send Bungie Friends invitations to everyone you know.

Along with Cross Play, the buddy finder will be accessible, and can be accessed at friends - This Week At Bungie 7/29/2021

So, let’s speak about the choices available in-game…

Will Fireteam, Have Friends

We’ve integrated all of the invite infrastructure into the game to enable fireteam invitations function across all platforms. When you get a fireteam invitation, you will receive an in-game notice. To accept the invite, go to the Roster page, then the Invite area, and then accept and join your fireteam by interacting with the invite. The Invite screen is where you may look for other Guardians, accept buddy requests, and join clans.

Image Link MUY7jzq - This Week At Bungie 7/29/2021 imgur

forming a partnership with potential new friends

Destiny is a game with a lot of lofty goals. Our community has created a number of external group discovery forums and tools to assist gamers in locating one another. This includes our own. FireteamSearch - This Week At Bungie 7/29/2021

Fireteam Finder can now send invitations to fireteams across all platforms! We wanted to make sure that our new fireteam invite mechanism didn’t get in the way of getting your fireteam together when we built Cross Play. As a result, players may use the invite screen to find one other and send fireteam invitations.

Image Link tazL51n - This Week At Bungie 7/29/2021 imgur

However, some members of our community are subjected to targeted harassment. We’ve included a block mechanism to assist players in protecting themselves. Additional privacy features have also been introduced so that gamers may defend themselves from widespread harassment. The majority of the social privacy options can be found on the Roster page, where you can choose which kind of invitations you want to view and evaluate. For the time being, you may still manage your clan invite privacy settings via your privacy settings, which can be found here: Settings?category=Privacy - This Week At Bungie 7/29/2021

Image Link xentyib - This Week At Bungie 7/29/2021 imgur

While we’re on the topic, this is a wonderful moment to remind everyone of our commitment to the environment. CodeOfConduct - This Week At Bungie 7/29/2021

Code of Ethics. Account limitations and bans may be imposed as a consequence of targeted harassment. Guardians, be nice to one another.

A Level Field of Play

We’re trying to build a worldwide community of Guardians in Cross Play. At the same time, Cross Play allowed us to raise a lot of questions regarding input techniques and how we make competitive modes more level. While the following may not be the best solution in the long run, it will be our strategy for matching in competitive modes (Crucible, Banner of the Iron Throne, Trials, and Gambit) when Cross Play launches:

There will be a single global matching pool for PvE modes.

Having Conversation With Your Friends

Voice communication across platforms will not be available until Cross Play is released. We’ve ran into some late-breaking development problems and are now working to ensure that this experience is ready before releasing it to the public. We’re aware that this would result in a less-than-ideal player experience right away, and we’ve even contemplated postponing Cross Play altogether. We chose to go forward with the launch since we know there is a lot of enthusiasm and that the community would find methods to work around it in the meantime. We’re working on a remedy for cross-platform voice chat in an update that should be available soon after Cross Play launches.

In our action MMO game, we view text chat as a key tool for player communication. Text chat will still be accessible on Steam when Cross Play launches. We’ll introduce text chat functionality to all console platforms starting with The Witch Queen. We’ll start with text so console gamers can see what their PC pals are talking about. Then we’ll add USB keyboard support so that anybody may participate. Note that console USB keyboards may only be used for conversation and cannot be used to control your character.

It’s Only the Beginning.

The introduction of Cross Play isn’t the end of our plans. In the run-up to The Witch Queen, we’ll be making a number of enhancements to Cross Play’s social experience.

  • Early in the Season 15

    • Bungie’s Nickname and Bungie’s Pals
    • Multiplayer, Cross-Platform Invites, and Matchmaking
    • Social Privacy and Player Search
  • Cross Platform Voice Chat soon after debut

  • Bungie Name Changes in the Winter

  • Text Chat Display on Consoles in the Winter

  • Text Input with USB Keyboards on Consoles in the Winter

  • Using Cross Play, Until We See Each Other Again!

We’re ecstatic to bring all Guardians together in one worldwide community. Many of us play on many devices and have acquaintances, colleagues, and clanmates we haven’t seen in years. We’re looking forward to joining a raid or clearing some GM Nightfalls with old pals. We’ll be listening for input across all of our channels, as always! Thank you so much, and we can’t wait for you to weigh in and tell us what you think.

The Cross Play Team

So, there’s one pressing question that we haven’t addressed yet. When will Cross Play be available? The crew is working hard to make sure all of the i’s and t’s are crossed. Keep an eye out for updates, and we’ll let you know when the date is set.

One Last Time, I’m Flying the Flag (This Season)

The last Iron Banner of the Season will be hosted by Lord Saladin next week. After clearing the confetti and decorations from Solstice, your strength will be put to the test in Crucible battle. Despite the fact that you’ve had almost a full Season to achieve the pinnacle level, Iron Banner bounties will still be available for those who want to catch up.

Iron Banner

Start time is 10 a.m. PDT on August 3rd.

10 a.m. PDT, August 10th

This will also be the Season’s last opportunity to acquire Iron Banner-themed prizes. The mission rewards Riiswalker and Archon’s Thunder, as well as post-game drops and bounty completions. While these weapons will remain accessible in Season 15, Lord Saladin plans to introduce a handful of new Iron Lord-worthy weapons.

Enough with the tease. We need to remember a few things. On Tuesday, I’ll see you!

Bungie Foundation Giving Campaign Totals Update

We’d like to take a minute to congratulate ourselves before moving on. You Guardians have consistently exceeded our expectations when it comes to caring for the planet at large. We hosted the Bungie Foundation Giving Campaign earlier this month, and the Bungie Foundation has provided an update on the amount collected. Warning: there was a lot!

Bungie Foundation (Bungie): Bungie Day, a cherished event that honors the finest of our community — the camaraderie, the competitiveness, and the caring we all have for one another – was held earlier this month. This year, we challenged you to integrate charity giving into your celebrations, and you all delivered!

We were able to raise $822,000 thanks to everyone of you! Every dollar raised will go directly toward promoting the health and well-being of children, advancing the rights of all persons and communities, and delivering disaster relief to people all over the globe.

As a thank you for your contributions, many of you received one or more in-game goodies. To refresh your memory, the reward levels are as follows:

  • The symbol of “The Bungie Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development” costs $10 or more.
  • $25+: Includes all of the above plus the NEW “Circadian Guard” insignia.
  • $50+: Everything listed above, plus a NEW Exotic “Buoyant Shell.”
  • $75+: All of the above plus a NEW Exotic “Tiny Tank.”

As of today, these codes have made their way to your inboxes! You’ll find an email from the Bungie Foundation to the email address you used to make your donation. Remember, if you don’t see it in your Inbox, you may need to check your spam, promotions, or updates folders. Once codes are redeemed, you will find the Bungie Foundation emblem under Collections>Flair>General. You can pick up your Circadian Guard emblem, Buoyant Shell Ghost, and Tiny Tank emote from the Cryptarch in the Tower!

To be eligible for the in-game goods mentioned above, contributions to this campaign must have been made between July 7 and July 20 at 11:59 p.m. PDT. For eligible contributions, donors got one unique redemption code per in-game item, per email.

Thank you does not begin to express our appreciation for everyone of you who has stepped up to help people in our immediate and wider communities. Bungie’s community both saves and transforms people’s lives in deep ways, and we hope you take great pleasure in your contribution.


The Bungie Foundation

One TWAB at a Time, I’m assisting the player.

Image credit: imgur

Our Player Support staff offers you with a list of high-priority information with each TWAB. Bug reports, ongoing investigations, Hotfix notes, and more are all available. We’d be lost in the dark without a compass if it weren’t for them.

This is the outcome of their investigation.


Cross Play will be online early in Season 15. When players sign up for Season 15 for the first time, their name on whichever platform they use will become their Bungie Name for Cross Play when it launches. Players should start thinking about what name they’d want to use now, since name changes will not be possible when Cross Play launches.


Players have been unable to change their passwords or find their purchases as a consequence of the longer-than-expected migration of accounts and orders to our new Bungie Store. We’re still working on migrating things over, and we’re hoping to have a solution shortly.

Due to these difficulties, the deadline for receiving the free unique in-game symbol, New Blue, has been extended until August 13, 11:59 PM PDT. On August 20, emails containing codes will be sent out. Email codes will be given out on August 6 to anyone who changed their password by July 31, 11:59 PM PDT.


Update was published earlier today. It contains the following items:

  • A bug on Steam that enabled a limited number of players to bypass fireteam privacy settings has been fixed.
  • On all platforms, the eyes on the Ghoyster Exotic Ghost Shell should now be visible.
  • Normal and Master Vault of Glass treasure lockouts have been split. Each week, both are now accessible separately. Regardless of difficulty, pinnacle treasure will only drop from the first weekly clear.


While we continue investigating various known issues, here is a list of the latest issues that were reported to us in our ?tg=Help - This Week At Bungie 7/29/2021 #Help Forum:

  • When wearing the Praefectus Cloak decoration, there is a visual problem with Helmets.
  • Active Supers are unaffected by the Bombardiers’ bomb detonations.
  • When buying the Year-1 Shader Bundle, the Metro Shift shader may not be available.
  • When you restart Destiny 2, any video settings that have been turned off will be restored.

Players may consult our guide for a complete list of Destiny 2’s current problems. 360054863011 Destiny 2 Year 4 Known Issues and Vital Information - This Week At Bungie 7/29/2021

Known Issues article. Players who observe other issues should report them to our ?tg=Help - This Week At Bungie 7/29/2021 #Help forum.


TWAB MovieOfTheWeek 2020 Animated - This Week At Bungie 7/29/2021

Image credit: imgur

Some of us have been gaming for quite some time. Graphics have progressed to the point that distinguishing between what is real and what is in the game has become challenging. This week’s first selection transports Destiny to a period when things were a little more pixelated, but still a lot of fun.

Destiny (1993) is this week’s film of the week.

Link to a video

One Bonk to Rule Them All is the film of the week.

Link to a video

Make sure to provide a link to your account in the video’s description. We have no clue where to send your newly acquired MOTW emblem without it.

The Night Has Arrived

Image credit: imgur

In the United States, the Summer Solstice has passed. The days are becoming shorter and shorter. Night is recovering time that has been lost. The Big Dark, as it’s called in Seattle, is on the verge of ascending to the throne. As the sun fades, we welcome a few fantastic works created by community artists this week that suit the mood.

Oh Reader Mine, Art of the Week

And who are you, Reader, to stand in the way of a god’s final, most heinous wish? #DestinyArt #Destiny2Art #Destiny2 #Destiny2 #DestinyTheGame #DestinyArt #Destiny2 #Destiny2 #DestinyTheGame

July 26, 2021 — Iltaniel (@Iltaniel)

Darkness is the subject of this week’s art.

You will no longer be a pawn. You will no longer have to witness as the lives of people you care about are taken away… #Destiny2 #Destiny2Art #Destiny2 #Destiny2Art

— MIYAGIIE/ Commissions OPEN (@miyagiie) July 25, 2021 — MIYAGIIE/ Commissions OPEN (@miyagiie) July 25, 2021 — MIYAGIIE/ Commissions OPEN (

Always use the hashtags #DestinyArt or #Destiny2Art when sharing your work. If they make it into the TWAB, you’ll be rewarded with a nice in-game insignia.

I’ll probably be on my way to an airport by the time this TWAB is published. I’ll be spending this weekend with relatives from back home, since I haven’t seen them since late 2019. It’s been a long time, and I’d be lying if I claimed I wasn’t giddy with anticipation. It’s nearly too much to take between this trip and our impending 8/24 announcement.

This visit, I must confess, may be a little bittersweet. We’ll very certainly share tales of isolation, vaccine availability, and a minute of silence to commemorate individuals who have died from COVID-19 and its variations in the past year.

Please be safe and show compassion for people around you as we continue to deal with this epidemic. Put on a mask, get a vaccination if you can, and do all you can to help halt the spread. We’re all in this together, and if we individually do our part, we’ll make it through.



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There’s been a lot of hype lately surrounding Destiny 2, which is set to come out this fall. Lots of things in the world of video games are being heavily hyped this year, and Destiny 2 is no exception. Well, Bungie has been busy working on the game and it’s time for a quick update, as to what they’ve accomplished in the last week.. Read more about bungie help and let us know what you think.

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