Update on the latest WG blunder: The alternate color scheme for the Special Atago camos removed

Some of our readers are having problems with the camo skins for the Type-89-II. The camo has been changed from the original, which was a very dark, almost black, camo to a lighter grey/blue camo. The problem is that this makes it impossible to see the tank on the minimap, even in the bright daylight.

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What’s your favorite color for your favorite tank? For some hardcore World of Tanks players, it’s the blue that symbolizes the Japanese Special Operator camouflage, which is new to the game for Season 8. The camouflage was designed by the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force (GSDF) and first featured in the anime movie World War Blue in 2008. The GSDF camo has been featured in videogames and other media from Europe, North America and Asia, and has since become a classic in the Wargaming community.. Read more about how can you change colors in your presentation all at once without changing the design and let us know what you think.

I mentioned in a previous article that the alternative color scheme for the unique Atago camos had been deleted, as shown here. I assumed it was an error, so I opened a support request and informed them of the situation. The following is what they said in response:

In this regard, I’d like to point out that this skin originally just had one camouflage color. Players have the option of using different colors for this camouflage owing to an in-game mistake (bug). This mistake has been corrected, and we regret for any difficulty this has caused.

It’s worth noting that this camo “bug” has been present in the game since the introduction of the camo in version 0.7.8. (August 2018). They actually promote the camo with the alternative color scheme in this news article about the update. The alternative camo, as shown in the introduction of the unique Atago camos, is seen below.

Because the only reason I purchased this camo was because I loved the alternative color scheme, I sought a refund from support. Despite the fact that camo was marketed as such from the start, my request was turned down for the standard “used in fights” rationale.

So careful, players: WG is upping its shenanigans by quietly deleting items that were promoted almost three years ago and refusing to provide refunds. Please check any other camos you may have bought since it wouldn’t surprise me if they were “patched” as well.

As I get additional information from support, I will continue to update this article. I called them out on their inability to offer reimbursements for in-game assets used in fights, since they have repeatedly broken this regulation (the 2020 Xmas boxes and the Kong/Godzilla catastrophe spring to mind immediately). I also chastised them for misrepresenting this product.

Update 1

WG’s response was as follows:

We apologize that this element of the game did not match your expectations; however, you have been given with an explanation: you had two color versions of camo owing to an in-game mistake that was resolved. Please accept our deepest apologies for any difficulty this has caused. Unfortunately, there is no compensation in this situation; however, if our position changes, we will update the community on the site.

As this is a major problem, I asked that the case be escalated to a higher authority within WG.

Update 2

They responded with a pretty basic answer that doesn’t really say much:

We appreciate your time and interest in our project. This is something we’re aware of, and our engineers are working hard to fix it. Please contact us if you have any further questions; we would be glad to assist you.

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For the game World of Warships, write “Update on the newest WG blunder: The alternative color scheme for the Special Atago camos has been deleted.”

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As has been known for the last few months, a line on the forum was recently posted (see here) announcing that the colors of the Japanese Ground Forces camo (Special A-Go) would be removed from all maps, ranging from the “standard” camouflage to the “superior” camo. The reason for the change, it was stated, was to bring the camo closer to the Japanese Ground Forces’ actual colour scheme and make the vehicles look more realistic.. Read more about how would you save your layouts colors, fonts effects and let us know what you think.

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