Who are the characters and voice cast for Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade?

Square Enix has released new information on the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade DLC expansion, including information on the main and secondary characters. She also revealed her English and Japanese dubbers.

Yuffie Kisaragi

Image via Square Enix

In Japanese by Yumi Kakazu, in English by Suzy Young.

Yuffie, a beautiful, self-proclaimed ninja girl and a brilliant matter hunter, is part of a specialized group known as the Shinobu of Wutai. Enemies are at the mercy of his massive shurikens and skillful movements. She strives to restore the vitality of her hometown after it was lost in the war with Shinra. He is currently undercover in Midgar on a secret mission for the Provisional Government of Wutai. For more information on the history, click here.

Image via Square Enix

Sonon Kusakabe

Image via Square Enix

In Japanese – Yoshimasa Hosoya, in English – Alex Le.

A warrior of Utai. Sonon studied under his father Yuffie Godo and learned Kenpo (martial art) and Bojutsu (stick art). He fought in the war against the Shinra at a young age and grew up hating them. Currently on an undercover mission with his junior commander, Yuffie. He has a serious personality and gently follows his master, who tends to run.

Avalanche Headquarters

The largest of the Avalanche forces, carrying out anti-slang activities in accordance with the teachings of Cosmo Canyon. Unlike Barret’s branch, which uses more radical methods such as blowing up Mako reactors, HQ aims to liberate Midgar from Shinra while protecting its citizens. They worked together to steal the Ultimate Materia to build a relationship with the transitional government of Wutai.

Image via Square Enix


Image via Square Enix

In Japanese by Akira Igarashi, in English by Griffin Poitou.

Wutan, who lives in Midgar, is responsible for liaising between Wutai’s provisional government and Avalanche headquarters. Thanks to his quick mouth and agile feet, he’s made it this far. He welcomes Yuffie to Midgar and leads her through the slums of sector seven.

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Image via Square Enix

In Japanese, Akane Fujita; in English, Ashley Boettcher.

A Lavin employee born in the slums. She has infiltrated the slums of sector seven to monitor the cell area. She supports the joint operation at the request of the Provisional Government of Wutai and has prepared the false identities Yuffie and his team need to infiltrate the plate.

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Billy Bob

Image via Square Enix

In Japanese by Kenichi Hoshino, in English by David Goldstein.

An associate of Lavin, who was also born in the slums. The most experienced member of the undercover team in the slums of Sector Seven, but unassuming and with an easygoing, carefree personality. He is a heavy drinker, never drinks much, and gathers information in taverns.

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Image via Square Enix

In Japanese by Nobuyori Sagara, in English by Daniel Amerman.

An associate of Lavin, who was also born in the slums. Young and naive, he also infiltrated the slums of Sector 7. He is considered the little brother by all and is both appreciated and teased by the others. In addition to the mission he is involved in, he is also passionate about the popular game Condor Fort.


White (deep water)

Image via Square Enix

In Japanese by Joji Nakata, in English by Daman Mills.

Known as the Pure White Emperor, he controls Deep Earth’s secret underground experimental complex in Shinra. Has superhuman fighting abilities and charisma, but is also brutal and extremely violent. Because of his power, he is currently held on the throne in the deepest part of the facility if he is not experimented upon. He waits in silence for the opportunity to rebel against his inhuman coercion. You can read more about its history here.

frequently asked questions

Who does the voices in the Final Fantasy 7 remake?


Yaffee and Vincent in the FF7 remake ?

FF7 Remake Theory: In an episode of Yuffie, Vincent Valentine is introduced. … In addition to the game’s explosive ending, the remake adds a new twist with the release of Yuffie’s DLC and an updated PS5 version, Intergrade.

CID in FF7 remake ?

The latest remake of Fantasia VII is the first part of a much larger story. This led to an unusual offering, as Final Fantasy VII Remake is the first major installment in the series to not feature a character named Cid since the original Final Fantasy on NES.

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