Why Isn’t It Meta For The Duo To Go Mid?

In the past, there were several reasons why the middle linebackers went to the middle and the bot duo went to the bot:

  • There was no target at the top of the map until Baron was born, so you wanted to use your duo in the middle or as a bot to challenge Dragon, the only early neutral target in the game.
  • Their middle lane will constantly be OOM in the beginning of the game, so it was more efficient to give them the middle lane, which was the shortest way back.
  • Assassins who are good with mages, and mages themselves, are great roamers, especially compared to ADCs whose roamers aren’t as strong. By placing your Mage or Assassin in the middle, you maximize their presence on the map.
  • Your support should duel with your ADC, not your mage, because your mage scales better with XP, while the ADC can have less XP and still be effective as long as he gets gold.

There is a new factor that makes it more favorable for the duo to hit bottom:

  • The lowest tower is the lightest tower at the beginning of the game, to soften the lane change.

However, some of these factors are no longer relevant or important:

  • At the beginning of the game, there is now a target at the top of the map, the Rift Herald. The only way your duo can challenge the two neutral targets is to put them in the middle lane.
  • Maggies don’t always go in the trash anymore. When was the last time you had to go back to the beginning of the game multiple times just to get mana? As a result, the middle jobs hardly benefit from a shortened job.
  • While it’s true that ADCs aren’t as powerful as Mages or Assassins (in general), Supports are phenomenal mavericks. Also consider that a Mage or Assassin must give up average income (minions are not farmed) to roam, while the Support can still inject average income into the team through ADC farming.
  • Most mages have waves of pure fantasy. While it’s true that the bottom tower is the easiest, having a mage at the bottom means that you usually have a wave of tidbits, which limits the amount the opponent can push into the lane.

Compared to sending the lower and middle portions of a dual track, sending the lower and middle portions of a dual track has the following advantages:

  1. They have more influence at the top of the jungle and on the Rift Herald.
  2. It’s easier to set up a roving system because you don’t have to give up income from the middle job for hanging out.
  3. You place your most vulnerable player (ADC) in the safest lane.

There are a few drawbacks:

  1. The red team mage has no access to the blue minion.
  2. If your charger breaks down, come back to the track longer.

If the lower tower wasn’t the most difficult, it would make sense for the red team to send their mage up, but most of the upper lanes don’t have enough waves to effectively hold the lower tower.

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