Why You Should Kickstart: Plant-Based Riot | Launching July 28, 2021

The world of gaming is changing. With the rise of veganism, plant-based products are quickly becoming a staple in the food industry. Plant-based Riot is an innovative game that allows players to create their own plants and battle it out against other plants for dominance.

The what does plant based mean is a question that has been asked many times. Plant-based means vegan, vegetarian, and meatless. There are many reasons to be plant-based including the health benefits.

Plant-Based Riot, the next installment in our Why You Should Make a Board Game series, is now available on Kickstarter. The concept, as well as the numerous processes that operate together, seem to be a winning mix. The competition will take held on July 28th, 2021, and will be announced on Kickstarter. To go straight to the Plant-Based Riot Game’s Kickstarter website, click the link below, or continue reading the interview with the developer.

On Kickstarter, there’s a board game called Plant-Based Riot.

1. In a few words, how would you define your product?

Plant-Based Riot is a board card game for 2 to 5 players that combines light strategy with game collecting. You must first determine which group of rebel veggies to gather. Then it’s all about accumulating these gangs while deceiving your opponents, which you accomplish by using action cards to deceive them.

You may launch a turf war with the cartel after you’ve collected your veggie gangs; here is where you’ll find out whether you’ve gathered the appropriate groups. You’ve won if you’ve completed this task! It’s a lively and entertaining family game that’s perfect for get-togethers, game evenings, and parties.

2. Assume you’re part of a team that’s bringing something to market. What was the circumstances in which you decided to start this project?

This game is being developed by a three-person team. I’m a writer by trade, but I’ve grown more engaged with Bubblegum Stuff in recent years, particularly in the creation of card games. But before that, I worked in a variety of areas, including psychology and brewing, as well as teaching in Vietnam. Believe it or not, here is where I first learned about Uno. It’s a big hit with the students!

Courtney Wood is a former classmate of mine. He spent many years as a designer before establishing Bubblegum Stuff in 2013, sitting behind a desk in a Hong Kong office building. He participated in the UK version of The Apprentice in 2016, reaching the final. It has always specialized in producing unique and entertaining pop culture presents, but in recent years, it has switched its emphasis to gaming. He has a couple hits that have been broadcast in the United Kingdom.

Roberto Rotaru is a multi-talented artist, graphic designer, motion graphics designer, and video editor. When he joined the club last year, he immediately established himself as a vital member. He’s the most important member of our group, and he’s really opened our eyes to the world of video games. We’d probably still be playing Snap without Roberto (Slapjack to you Americans).

During detention, we reflected on previous card games and concluded that we had failed. What we like in games was not reflected in what we produced. We also considered the lifetime and environmental effect of creating games that are only played once before being discarded. With this in mind, we chose to develop a product that would hopefully last for decades on home shelves. Perhaps generations.

3. How would you compare your game to other games?

Plant-Based Riot’s method is quite similar to Monopoly Deal’s. Set-picking and stealing have a lot in common in that they both promote ruthlessness from the outset. During the conclusion, we played a bunch of Monopoly Deal and had a great time. When you claim Shawshank Redemption is your favorite movie, I realize you’re playing a game, but it gave us a lot of pleasure last year when there wasn’t much to be pleased about.

Love Letter has aspects in terms of how the cards you play may influence your ability to win, although this is just a minor portion of the game’s rules. Like in Love Letter, you’ll need your deduction abilities, but in Plant-Based Riot you’ll need them to figure out which groups to gather.

Finally, due to the manner you gather your cards and the fact that both games include illustrated meals, there are some parallels to Sushi Go.

4. What distinguishes your game from others?

Plant-Based You can alter the difficulty level in Riot because to its unique mechanics. The amount of cartel cards you select at the start determines this. If you have younger players in your group, or if you believe the game is too simple, this is a good option.

It’s also simple to pick up and move. You may be in the lead for a minute and sprint to victory, but only if someone plays the Turf Spin card, which flips all of the players’ cards to one player’s left or right! A Just Say No card may be used at any point throughout the game to prohibit any movement. Plant-Based Riot has a Mario Kart-like ebb and flow to its gameplay. This enables beginners or inexperienced players to compete with seasoned pros.

And that was our ultimate goal: to draw more people to the games by bringing all kinds of players into the game and allowing them to participate on an equal footing. Personal connection is essential in a society when there are just too many technological distractions.

There are many cultural allusions to our favorite films and television programs, as well as numerous veggie puns.

5. How can anybody be confident they’re receiving high-quality components and that you’ll keep your promises?

Despite the fact that this is our first Kickstarter campaign, we have been designing, producing, and shipping goods for many years. We have a long-standing supply chain as well as a large number of manufacturing partners. As a result, we are aware of the issues that might emerge during the manufacturing of such a product. We also have the skills to deal with them. I can assure you it’s information acquired through years of pain and disappointments!

6. Why should we support your initiative?

In the last 18 months, you may have noticed a lack of communication. Yes, this is the case. Despite the fact that this game was mainly created online, it provided us with something to concentrate on during those lonely isolation ward days.

The regular Zoom sessions provided us with tremendous opportunities for engagement. And this is something that may be found in plenty at the plant stand. Of course, it promotes undesirable behavior, but it’s all part of a larger framework in which individuals are brought together for a common experience.

We’ve been working hard behind closed doors in the hopes of being able to offer something that will bring pleasure to many people when those doors open. And, if you’re interested, please help us bring this idea to fruition. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, you you, thank


We are overjoyed!

A creative design team with a lot of passion shows a lot of insight and excitement. It seems to be a delightfully light and enjoyable game suitable for players of all ages and skill levels. It was obviously created by skilled hands, and it seems to be a high-quality product. For additional information, see their Kickstarter page or website.

Kickstarter page for the board game Plant-Based Riot Web page for the board game Plant-Based Riot

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